Superbonus villas with family quotient: how it works now



Superbonus villas with family quotient: how it works now. Major changes for 2023, the rules change for everyone

The good news for Italian consumers is that the Superbonus will not disappear even in 2023. The partly negative is that it will be lowered from the start of the year to 90% compared to 110% currently.

Superbonus villas with family quotient (ANSA)

But there is another important novelty which brings many Italians back into the game. Indeed, the works will also be supported for the so-called single-family houses which were previously cut off from the allowance.

Let’s see together all that is destined to change, as ‘Il Sole 24 Ore’ anticipates. The deduction can only be used by those who respect very specific issues, related to income and property ownership. Second homes will therefore be cut off, but also tenants, borrowers and almost certainly also family members living together for the expenses covered.

In any case, everyone who has started the work will be able to complete it, provided they respect the limit of 30% of the work in September, and then use 110% until the end of March 2023. Until today, however, he only had time until December 31, 2022 to complete the expenses to benefit from the 110% reduction.

Superbonus villette with family quotient: all the issues to be respected

However, those who have not complied with this challenge will therefore be able to deduct 110% only of expenses incurred until June 30. For the following months, however, he will be able to take advantage of other ordinary bonuses.

Instead, for interventions started from January 1, 2023 on individual houses and units, the deduction will be 90% for expenses made before December 31, 2023. But there are still requirements to be met: the fundamental is that the real estate unit is used as a main residence and therefore secondary residences are excluded. In addition, income must not exceed 15,000 euros, determined on the basis of the family quotient. Superbonus 110%, the new rules (Pixabay)

Finally, interventions on single-family homes, from 2023, must be carried out only by owners and holders of other real rights of use on the property. Loans and leases as well as payments made by non-owner cohabitants for renovations will therefore be excluded. Those who respect these rules are therefore sure to be able to join the Superbonus, it is better to know them well.

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