Super bonus 110%, does the Meloni government change everything? Beware of the safeguard clause



Does the Meloni government intend to modify or cancel the 110% Superbonus? Here are all the rumors about the intentions of the new government regarding construction bonuses: a safeguard clause should also be introduced.

The 110% Superbonus was one of the most talked about economic stimulus measures in recent months. The provision, included in the relaunch decree after the closures and governed by article 119 of Legislative Decree no. 34/2020, also achieved the undesirable effect of skyrocketing costs in the construction sector.

Giorgia Meloni applauds during the election of the President of the Chamber of Deputies. October 14, 2022 (photo ANSA / RICCARDO ANTIMIANI).

It is possible to use the 110% Superbonus for energy efficiency interventions, for seismic risk reduction and for static consolidation. Photovoltaic systems and charging stations for electric vehicles are also covered by the legislation. The new Meloni government, which has not yet taken office, promises to change everything.

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The 110% Super Bonus was introduced by the 5 Star Movement, which wanted to boost the economy. Already the Hon. Mario Draghi had expressed his perplexity in the face of legislation which, in fact, eliminated any possibility of negotiation on the price. For this reason, an extension of the legislation was granted with the gradual reduction of tariffs.

Former Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte claims authorship of the 110% Superbonus of the 5 Star Movement (photo FACEBOOK GIUSEPPE CONTE).

According to SkyTG24, Giorgia Meloni would like to continue on the path already traced by Mario Draghi. This means that the construction bonuses will not be canceled, but the rates will be reshaped again. Currently, the legislation provides that condominiums will have until the end of 2023 to take advantage of the Superbonus, while the facilitated interventions on single-family homes expire at the end of 2022 if 30% of the work is completed by September.


Fratelli d’Italia is said to have declared that it wanted to avoid in any way whatsoever putting Italians or contractors in difficulty by slowing down work on the sites. The centre-right, however, would like to lower the rate from 110% to 80% for the first houses. As for secondary residences, on the other hand, the drop will be substantial: the new rate would vary between 50 and 65%. Acrobat workers at work on a facade of a building in Milan, December 1, 2021 (photo ANSA / DANIEL DAL ZENNARO).

There would also be the intention to introduce a safeguard clause to protect sites already open. Regarding the timing and methods of implementation, however, there is much uncertainty. Hon. Meloni has already made it clear several times before the elections that the Superbonus will not be a priority for the new government, but it will not be cancelled.

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