‘Sunset – Golden Mile’: season 5 of the reality show is CONFIRMED for 2022!



‘Sunset – Golden Mile’ (‘Selling Sunset‘) has become one of the most famous reality shows on Netflix – having returned with new episodes recently.

Now, the streaming platform has released the first official teaser for the 5th season of production, confirming the release of the chapters for 2022 (no date set yet).

To verify:

Sell ​​Sunset Season 5 – Coming in 2023

– Netflix (@netflix) December 3, 2022

Remember the trailer for the last cycle:

Selling Sunset is back with a new season, new baby, new realtors and so many new feuds! Season 4 of Your TV Addiction premieres November 24

– Netflix (@netflix) November 10, 2022

Enjoy watching:

The plot follows the elite real estate agents of the Oppenheim Group, who sell a life of luxury to the rich in Los Angeles. Relationships are crucial, and that is why they generate strong conflicts.

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