Summary ‘Chucky’ | The second episode curbs the initial frenzy and brings several hearts



After a frantic first episode, the second chapter of Chucky Season 2 slammed on the brakes to establish the cores and characters that will mark this new killer doll adventure.

But before talking about these new cores, the subject will be the protagonist of the series, Chucky himself.

When they announced a series of everyone’s favorite killer toys, the show was expected to show the devil doll killing at least one person a week and in increasingly creative and gory ways.

This worked really well in the first season, which brought in some very creative and even well-directed deaths, like the Wheelers’ nanny, in one of the early episodes. However, this second episode brought some suspicion.

After the surprising death of the first episode of this current season, which surprised many, even without being explicit, this second chapter brought a more disappointing approach to the murderer. He kills a nun scaring her, which makes for a very funny joke, but that’s it. Indeed, with the existence of an army of Chuckys there, the boss of the group decided to send a “Chucky Spy” to the reformatory, whose function was not exactly to kill someone , but to observe the boys and pass on information about them. .

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This more observant approach makes for some really fun moments, like Chucky posing for the most diverse and profane selfies in the religious environment. At the end of the chapter, the boys manage to capture the doll and hold it for a torture session. But between us, Chucky’s fun is the most absurd death a four foot plastic creature can cause.

Still on Chucky, the series prepares another nucleus, which had already been briefly introduced in the first episode, but which here gains a new perspective: Tiffany. Living in a pink house and with increasingly decadent days under actress Jennifer Tilly’s body, Tiffany holds Nica (Fiona Dourif) captive.

Tiffany’s insufferably psychotic and innocent manner works as a perfect counterpoint to the slutty behavior of Chucky, who is disgusted by his ex-fiancée. Thus, the series brings something unthinkable until the last films: Chucky allies himself with Nica, who also harbors a mortal hatred for the murderous doll who condemned her to a life in a wheelchair and directed her life towards sanatoriums. However, since it was Tiffany who cut off his arms and legs, and it was the doll who held her captive, she accepted a partnership with Chucky via a voodoo ritual, so that he would control her at key moments. , allowing him to escape and get revenge on Tiff. The famous two birds with a stone. The problem is that, as this episode showed, Tiffany remains an effective assassin and will now, most likely, have the support of her children, Glen and Glenda.

That is to say, until the second episode, the series has already opened the front for a war of three clashing hearts. The boys, Tiffany and the children, and Nica, who must escape and turn against Chucky. It’s to be expected that these three will face each other before launching to try to finish the puppet, but nothing is guaranteed. Not to mention the police, who must stick to the story after the death of the detective.

Another important core of the story is that of the boys. Jake, Devon, and Lexy continue in the religious boarding school, which seemed to bring in those religious elements to augment the oppressive storyline, but that iconography eventually takes precedence over the main trio’s own “ghosts.” Starting with Jake, who lives with the guilt of the death of his family and his adoptive brother. So the show brings in Devon Sawa, who played Jake’s alcoholic father and twin uncle in season one, to play Father Bryce. All of the boy’s father figures were extremely oppressive and now take on the ultimate role of oppression as they turn to the controlling director of the boarding school.

Devon is still a little off, but the show eventually catches up with the drama with Lexy, who has a human enemy inside boarding school, in addition to her own enemy this season: drug addiction. Hopefully the show explores this better in the future, rather than just showing the girl hiding narcotics to use whenever she can. Withdrawal leads people to do terrible things, and under the threat of a supernatural doll, Lexy can be really messed up.

But, as indicated in the intro, this second episode put the series on hold. With the introduction of so many different hearts, the roughly 48-minute episode felt a lot longer than it actually was. At one point, it seemed like this second chapter was already over an hour long. This lack of balance between the cores can jeopardize the course of the season if not carefully managed.

New episodes of the Chucky Season 2 premiere every Wednesday on Star+.

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