Suicide threat for more than 30 hours: rescued by firefighters



Threatened to commit suicide by hanging from the gate of a crossroads for more than 30 hours. This is what happened in Naples, on the elevated section that connects the two districts of Vomero and Pianura. The man, a 48-year-old local, was suspended for more than a day: from Wednesday evening to Thursday morning. On the spot, firefighters and riflemen who have never ceased to try to make the man give up his intention.

Suicide threat: the rescue of firefighters

The impact on traffic is serious. The section in question is a fundamental artery for the means that move between the two districts of Vomero and Pianura, but also for those that go towards Fuorigrotta, Soccavo and Bagnoli. The man, after more than 30 hours, was now exhausted. In the early afternoon of Thursday, he almost fainted, letting go. Firefighters literally rescued him on the fly, catching him before he plunged into the valley below. The 48-year-old man was transported to Mare hospital to assess his state of health.

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