Strange people, the film with Lodo Guenzi arrives in Alice nella Città



The new day of the Rome Film Fest will see the presentation of Gente strana, in the autonomous section of Alice nella Città. Directed by Marta Miniucchi, the film benefits from the presence of Cesare Bocci, Lodo Guenzi and Matteo Gatta, among others.

The 17th edition of the Rome Film Fest is gradually coming to an end. During the day today, Friday October 21, the meetings and previews that in these days have lit up the capital will continue. In particular, from the autonomous section of the Festival, Alice nella Città, comes another long-awaited novelty: Gente strana. The film, directed by Marta Miniucchi, also has the participation of Matteo Gatta, Cesare Bocci, Lodo Guenzi and Maulidi Ismail Kambenga. Before the screening, which will take place at the Giulio Cesare Cinema in Rome at 3:00 p.m., the press conference will take place, at which the director, Cesare Bocci and Matteo Gatta will be present.

Strange People, What To Expect From The Movie Coming From Alice In Town

Strange People is the new work of Lodo Guenzi, member of Lo Stato Sociale, in front of the camera. For a time, alongside his musical career, he also embarked on an acting career which took him to work in the Orient – Last Minute Dictatorship, The Most Beautiful Day and Criminals You Become. Also with him, La California is scheduled for November 17, also presented at the 17th Rome Film Festival and which will also star The Donatella (Silvia and Giulia Provvedi) and Nina Zilli, among others. Lo and behold, this new title is added to his CV. The film will arrive in cinemas soon, distributed by Genoma Films, then on Sky Documentaries and streaming on NOW. Below we report the official synopsis of the film.

The story revolves around the figure of Loris Bonetti. The latter is a reporter in charge of producing a report on Cefa through the parallel story of the Tanzanian John Sagala and Marco Rinoldi, a young Italian boy who decided to become a volunteer and follow one of the projects in the region of Njombe. Both are sons of herders, John in Tanzania has a family struggling to run the business due to poor preparation and few resources, while Marco in Italy wants nothing to do with the big consortium of his father. The African experience and the work of the CEFA will make both grow through an exchange of values ​​and skills and Loris will also find this part of himself that he had lost.

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