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Storm Reid’s Parents: All About Robyn Reid and Rodney Reid



Storm Reid's Parents

Are you also curious about the beauty with brains of teen actress Storm Reid and her parents, who have been a part of her successful journey? We will tell you how Storm Reid’s parents have helped their teen star daughter to pursue and star in successful hits like 12 Years A Slave and Euphoria star! 

Who Is Storm Reid? 

Storm Reid is an American teen star, born on July 1st, 2003, in Atlanta City, Georgia. Storm Reid’s parents, Robyn Simpson Reid and Rodney Reid are dedicated parents to the young actress as she is their youngest daughter. 

Storm Reid ventured towards an early career in acting as she got her role in the film 12 Years a Slave. The teen girl got recognized for her unwavering talent as she pushed forward at the budding age of 9 years, as her parents gave her the confident push where she wanted to be a child star. 

Since then, Storm Reid has starred in globally high-grossing hits like the novel-based fantasy movie A Wrinkle In Time 2018, the drama Euphoria, and costars like Zendaya and the 2023 movie sequel, Missing, where Storm Reid plays the main character. Even with breaks in the teen star’s career due to her passion for completing her undergraduate studies at the University of California, Reid’s parents have supported her in all her decisions. 

With an estimated worth of $1 million, Storm Reid has achieved a dream many teens don’t dare to accomplish, nor do they have the support Storm Reid’s parents have given her since she was a kid starting in the whirling industry of Hollywood. 

How Storm Reid’s Parents Have Been Her Support? 

Storm Reid’s parents, mother Rodyn Reid and father Rodney Reid have understood her passion for acting since she, the current 19-year-old actress, was little. Reid’s mother has also been deeply involved with the film industry as just after a year of, his youngest lucky star daughter, Storm Reid, produced a short film called Poultry and Prejudice in 2004. Even though Storm Reid’s father doesn’t belong to the acting industry in any form, as there is no clue, however, her mother, Robyn Simpson Reid, has the title of an executive director, and the teen star often is accompanied on the movie, and show premieres with her mother!

This is likely one of the reasons Storm Reid was inspired towards an acting career, as her mother’s producing journey introduced her to the face of an acting industry so vast. In 2019’s Teen Vogue article, Storm Reid confidently stated that she has made her parents “proud of her” as she mentioned further that it makes her “feel good” The teen actress also indicated that she has always had her parent’s trust and vigor with her that can be seen reflected in her performances on TV screens. 

Storm Reid’s parents have been far from controlling or, worse, profiting from their young daughter as the actress stated further, “My mom has always said, if I didn’t want to do it [acting] anymore, then I could just quit, but I haven’t wanted to. I feel like that’s everyone’s outlook,” This, combined with her personal choice also simultaneously to pursue her undergraduate program at a well-reputed university, tells about her passionate journey where Storm Reid’s parents only helped her recognize her true talent and put their belief in her young course towards a vast, life-changing career. 

Indeed, Storm Reid’s parent’s decision to let their daughter feel free to make her personal career and educational decisions have paid off, as the teen star now owns her property and is worth USD 1 Million. This success proves how Storm Reid’s parents have contributed to her career direction and studies, as she confidently said to the Vogue outlet, “as long as I’m happy, that matters to them.” 

A Cross To Bear’s teen star recently gifted a luxurious house to her parents, Robyn Reid. This showcases how the star has grown up with love for her parents in her heart as she gives them back a life of luxury. 

There is even a snap of Storm Reid’s mom smiling as she receives this grand gift! Storm Reid posted her thoughts under the photo under her Instagram caption about how she had imagined her mother’s face every time she planned to gift this grand house to her mom, Robyn Reid. She also thanked God for giving her back her earnings for her hard work and her parent’s efforts! As she said, “I love you forever and ever, mommy. We built a house, lmao. Crazy. Thank you, @milliondollarliving, for helping us through this process and being there every step of the way. GOD DID IT!” 

Storm Reid’s parents are shy on camera as they attend many social events together and proudly stand as their successful daughter’s parents.

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