Storage Solutions for a Small Bedroom



With so many people in the UK living in flats, the curse of a small bedroom is sadly extremely common. Designing this small space to fit all your belongings and still be relaxing to sleep in can be tricky. Enter: clever storage solutions.

From overbed wardrobes, to multi-purpose furniture, this article will look at some of the best (and most innovative) storage solutions for small bedrooms.

Add a bookshelf up high

Bookshelves are notorious for taking up lots of space. That’s why adding a couple of shelves up high (almost at ceiling height) can free up floor room for other bits of essential furniture. Only putting your favourite books on these shelves can also help you cut down on visual clutter as well as maximise your storage.

Try an overbed wardrobe

Unless it’s a bespoke fitted wardrobe, the standard size and shape of a wardrobe isn’t ideal for a small bedroom. An overbed wardrobe is an innovative way to store your clothes, and has various compartments to keep your clothes, shoes and other bits and pieces out of the way.

Utilise under-the-bed storage

When space is tight, under-the-bed storage definitely comes in handy. Plastic crates and storage boxes on wheels make great storage solutions for spare bedsheets or random items that don’t have another home. Out of sight, and out of mind.

Storage within storage

Take your storage boxes and baskets up another level with storage within storage. Much like a Russian doll, utilising wardrobe organisers and using baskets inside drawers to store smaller items like underwear or belts will help you keep them organised – and free up the rest of the drawer to store something else. 

Choose furniture that has more than one purpose

For small bedrooms, multifunctional furniture is the best thing since sliced bread. And it’s all about the ottoman. It might be a storage ottoman at the foot of your bed to keep books, blankets, candles, and pyjamas, or an ottoman bed that lifts up with built-in storage underneath. Either way, using a piece of furniture for more than one thing will help you store away your belongings and make your small bedroom seem a lot less cluttered!

Designing a small bedroom in a way that maximises the space and minimises clutter doesn’t have to be difficult with these innovative storage solutions for small bedrooms. The only tricky thing is remembering where you put it all!

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