Stopping the heating in the accommodation: everything is postponed! The reasons and the savings



Another stop from above when it comes to heating inside houses and homes. The decision seems largely justified

The question of energy and heating during the colder months is generating more and more discussion. In particular for the energy crisis due to the war in Ukraine and its disastrous effects for all of Europe.

Stop heating up again (Pixabay)

Plans have already been made in recent months to avoid additional costs and wasted energy. The plan of the former minister Cingolani provides in particular for the reduction of 15 days of the duration of ignition of thermal systems for heating use, of 1 hour of the daily duration of ignition and of 1 degree less (reaching 19°C ), bringing the limits for climate zone E, where most major Italian cities are located, to a maximum of 13 hours a day between October 22 and April 7.

Now, however, news is coming of new stops in the ignition of heating for homes, already formalized by several Italian municipalities. The reason? It seems linked to the still high and spring-like temperatures in our country, which seem destined to last until the end of November.

The ignition of the radiators has been postponed. There are also tips for saving energy

The cities of northern Italy, which seemed ready these days to start private heating systems, have postponed everything. The mayors of different municipalities, aware that heating is an emissive source of atmospheric pollutants at the local level, have taken measures by modifying the dates for switching on the heating.

Here are the updated dates for the start of heating in homes: from October 29 in Milan, Turin, Bergamo and Cremona. Pordenone will light up from October 28. Varese will have to wait until October 31, while Bologna and Verona will only adapt from November 2. How to maintain a good healthy atmosphere at home (web source)

In the meantime, the ENEA agency has published a kind of vade-mecum for Italian families, with the aim of using the internal heating in an appropriate way and not wasting energy or polluting the environment.

To save money, the air inside homes should be renewed, keeping windows open for recirculation for a few minutes several times a day. All this to maintain the level of internal humidity adequately.

All this must be done when the heating system is not working, but above all to avoid the proliferation of bacteria and viruses, which with less than 40% humidity would not have the possibility of acting and living.

ENEA has calculated that these measures, if implemented by 80% of Italian families, can lead to a national saving of 2.7 billion cubic meters of methane and around 180 euros less on average per year on the bill. per user.

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