Stop the championship: the DAZN function to pause the subscription



The broadcaster DAZN offers a function that will delight its subscribers, especially during the long stoppage of the championships

From today and until next January 4, the Serie A championship, as well as all other national football tournaments, will stop. A stoppage due to the unprecedented presence of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, in the fall period.

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In practice, fans of Italian teams will be without international championships and cups for about a month and a half, as there is also a break for the Christmas holidays. Luckily, sports broadcaster DAZN has launched a feature to avoid charging the subscription even at this stop.

DAZN since last year has been the on-demand platform that has secured semi-exclusive broadcast rights to all of Serie A and other European leagues. A calendar that will remain stripped in terms of football played until January precisely for the arrival of the World Cup.

DAZN in support of its subscribers: you can suspend your subscription free of charge

The aforementioned function represents the possibility of literally suspending a subscription, so as not to continue paying the monthly installments, for a certain period of time chosen by the user.

In practice, from tomorrow, any DAZN subscriber (except those who benefit from the offer via TIM Vision or Sky) will be able to suspend their subscription. A kind of shutdown that will allow you not to pay other monthly installments, but during this time it will be impossible to access any content transmitted by the streaming broadcaster. Dazn (photo Ansa)

People who suspend their subscription can then modify the reactivation date independently by selecting it in the “My account” area. Once reactivated, the DAZN subscription will automatically renew monthly, unless canceled at any time.

As expected, however, this option to stop the temporary subscription is not feasible for those who use DAZN through third-party offers, such as subscriptions to TIM Vision or Sky TV. And the same goes for those who activated the account with prepaid codes and discounts. Those who activated everything through promotional offers can do so instead.

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