Statistics say that the public is saturated with Marvel productions; DC fans are more loyal!



According to Fandom, via Variety, a study has been completed that has yielded insights into Marvel and DC fan behaviors, with curiosities that promise to escalate the dispute even further. Fandom surveyed about five thousand people who consider themselves fans of the label.

The study found that Marvel fans are more engaged than DC fans on social media, which isn’t surprising. About 81% of Marvel fans said they would watch anything from the company, while 67% of DC fans would too.

Marvel fans, on the other hand, also tend to tire more with the number of releases. With so many productions in theaters and on Disney+, 36% of fans responded that they already feel saturated with the number of Marvel releases, while only 20% feel the same about DC being more loyal.

It has also been found that DC fans also care more about specific franchises than Marvel fans. 57% of DC fans said they care more about one or two specific heroes, like Batman and Superman, than the DC Universe in general, while only 38% of Marvel fans care about specific characters .

Fandom has also shown that DC fans are more collectors than Marvel fans. According to research, a DC fan is 20% more likely to purchase a licensed brand product than a Marvel product. We saw that DC edged out Marvel Studios for the most popular superhero movie release of the year, with Matt Reeves’ “Batman” leading Marvel.

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