‘Star Trek 4’: Paramount chairman didn’t like sequel idea, reveals Noah Hawley



In an interview with Deadline, director and screenwriter Noah Hawley commented a bit on the shelved “Star Trek 4” project, saying the film was in its early stages and being cast when Paramount Pictures decided to cancel it.

“We were on our way. We were in the middle of a major casting process. We had a production schedule and we were getting ready to go to Australia. And, as you rightly said, there has been a new direction. I think in hindsight what surprised me the most isn’t the fact that [nova diretora da Paramount] Emma Watts comes in and says, “Are you crazy? It’s an untested team. It is an original idea. I don’t know if it will work or not ‘; was the fact that I had come so far under the tutelage [dos ex-presidentes] Wyck Godfrey and Jim Gianopulos. It was a really fun movie and I think it would have been great, but you can’t control that stuff so we moved on.

In another comment, Hawley opened up about the references he would use for the fourth film in the cinematic saga:

“What I like about ‘Star Trek’ is that it’s not a war story. This is not a story where power does justice, ”he said in an interview with the Observer. “It’s a story of exploration. A story about creative problem solving. My favorite moment from the entire pantheon is in “The Wrath of Khan”, when Kirk puts on his reading glasses to knock down Khan’s shields. It’s a breathtaking moment, because he uses the best weapon he has – his mind. As much as I love Chris Pine’s movies, they’re basically about running from side of the ship to the other, preventing something bad from happening, and before we catch our breaths doing the same again. thing. These are action films, and I wanted to bring back this idea of ​​humanity, to justify its existence in the universe by showing its best qualities ”.

The franchise’s new feature film had been given the green light ahead of the novel coronavirus pandemic, and in an interview with Variety, Hawley confirmed that his project was successful in hiring costumers before it was put “on hiatus.”

He also confirmed that the film will revolve around a new cast, not the one that has been seen in the last three iterations or any other entry into the intergalactic saga. More than that, the director said the plot will intersect with the pre-established pantheon canon.

“We are not going to do Kirk and we are not going to do Picard. It’s a start from scratch that allows us to do the same thing as ‘Fargo’ where, for the first three hours, you say to yourself ‘Wow, this really has nothing to do with the movie’, and then you find money. So we reward the audience with something they love.

In any case, Chris Pine, who played the iconic James T. Kirk in the trilogy produced by JJ Abrams, has already expressed interest in repeating the role if Hawley changes his mind.

During an interview for the Things Are Going Great For Me podcast, Pine revealed that he would like to return for a fourth installment of the saga.

“I’m always the last person to figure things out… I don’t know if there’s going to be a new movie… But if that happens I would love to reprise my role. [como Kirk]. I know Paramount is undergoing a corporate restructuring. So I hope that something concrete is in the plans when all this dust settles. “

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