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‘Spider-Man: No Coming Home’ | BEST moments from the second trailer




The new Spider-Man: No Return Home trailer is finally here! Bringing in some very polished secrets and some that have been clearly edited to get into the preview, the content is very interesting and pretty much confirms what everyone already knows. But let’s stop talking and move on to analysis. If you haven’t seen it yet, check out the video below. Ah, possible spoilers, okay?


If there was any doubt about the first trailer, the second came to clarify. This multiverse mess begins when Peter goes to Doctor Strange to ask for a spell to make his secret identity be forgotten. The spell turns on him and causes a Nexus event. Interestingly, the stranger begins to blame the boy for the mistake, even though it is an obvious lack of focus on the part of the Supreme Mage. This question is brought up again later, when he shows that the trio of Peter, Ned, and MJ are going to investigate the origin of these villains, presumably to help Doctor Strange capture them.

New clothes

The supposed new black uniform was shown with these magical bracelets. Rumor has it that this outfit isn’t new. In fact, it’s the traditional Spider-Man costume returned after the hero was vandalized at the start of the movie. The bracelets are likely the work of Doctor Strange, who gave them to the boy to help him trap the bad guys in this mysterious box.

Enjoy watching:


As Doctor Strange explains, villains from various universes suddenly started appearing in this timeline. They have no idea where they are, as Doctor Octopus doesn’t recognize Tom Holland’s Peter as their Peter Parker. This confusion can have different effects on each villain. As noted later in the trailer, Otto appears trapped in a cell like Loki’s in Avengers (2012). We cannot say if he gave himself up to understand what is happening or if he was defeated and imprisoned. But everything indicates that he will cooperate at this beginning of history.

Ottony stark

Still speaking of Otto, his tentacles appear incorporating Stark technology. It may be that the artificial intelligence of the claws assimilates the technology and “improves”, but it could also be a defense mechanism in Peter’s uniform “neutralizing” the mechanical arms of Doctor Octopus.

captain statue

A few months ago, a supposed script was leaked that indicated the importance of the Statue of Liberty in the plot of this new film.

According to the text, the monument is being renovated in honor of Captain America. Thus, she would wield the hero’s traditional shield and be the scene of the film’s final battle.

As we can see in the trailer, the information has been confirmed, since the shield is there and the statue has the security structures to renovate.

Further down, the trailer shows all of the assembled villains fighting Spider-Man and Doctor Strange in these structures, eventually even knocking the shield off the statue’s hand.

Comic book visual
One of the biggest criticisms Jamie Foxx Electro received in 2014 was the lack of loyalty to his comic book counterpart. Gaining his redemption, he appears with a visual upgrade, even creating his comic book mask with electricity. He also talks about taking his second chance, because he’s dead in his universe and doesn’t want to die again.

talk about the devil

Another villain who returns before death is Willem DaFoe’s Green Goblin. He appears in his classic look from the first film. It should be noted that after Doctor Strange reveals to Peter that the fate of these villains is death, the voice of the Sprite seems to be practically negotiating with Peter Parker. This collaborates with another alleged leak that saw Peter being cheated by the goblin on the grounds that they did not deserve to die. If this is confirmed, we will be able to see more about the wonderful manipulative side of this Norman Osborn.

Osborn 2?

Later, Duende reappears, but with a new look, full of black details and without a mask. This uniform is very reminiscent of the clothes worn by Harry Osborn in Spider-Man 3 (2007). Harry has not been confirmed in the movie, so it could be that Norman will receive a new outfit very similar to the one worn by his son.

Peter versus strange

Peter and Doctor Strange will face off on the box. They disagree on the fate of the captured villains, so Peter pleads for a second chance, while Strange helps them follow their destiny: to be killed by Spider-Man.

Goodbye, Ned?

In this scene from the final battle, MJ and Ned fall from the Statue of Liberty. Peter jumps to save MJ, but Ned hangs over it. Can he be saved by his best friend or will tragedy happen?


As much as Sony tried to deceive the public, this scene of Spider-Man confronting the Sinister Sextet is (or almost) very likely edited. Just pay attention to the path of the Lizard, which jumps towards an empty hole. Not wanting to be the bane of theories, but already being, it’s very likely that two more Spider-Men were originally in this scene. Even because these leaked images, which point to the presence of two heroes from other realities, take place in the same location there.

Tobey and André

Even though it’s not officially confirmed, the trailer references so many classic moments from the Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield films, it’s almost like he’s saying to himself, ‘Look, we can’t say that ‘they’re in the movie, but they are, okay? ” .

The scene of Peter trying to contain the Green Goblin firecracker is a Spider-Man (2002) classic. There is also a point where a hangar very similar to the Oscorp from the first trilogy appears being destroyed by the Sprite.

The scene of Spider-Man’s hand touching his beloved is also reminiscent of Gwen Stacy’s death, perhaps the only iconic moment in The Amazing Spider-Man franchise.

Finally, JJ Jameson (JK Simmons) appears dressed in the same outfit he wears in the final battle of Spider-Man 3 (2007), when he purchases a disposable kid’s camera to photograph the hero’s clash against the bad guys.

What’s new? Anxious?

Spider-Man: No Return Home premieres on December 16, 2021.

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