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Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni presented her government’s action program to the Chamber of Deputies. “The motto of this government will be: do not disturb those who want to do,” he said, referring to companies “that create jobs with their workers”. At the end of the afternoon today October 25, vote of confidence.

“I am the first woman to be appointed Prime Minister – said Meloni – I come from a cultural area that has often been confined to the margins of the Republic, and I certainly did not come here in the arms of a family and influential friendships. I represent what the British would call the underdog. The underdog, who has to upset all odds to succeed. I intend to do it again, upset the odds.”

Photo Ansa / Chigi Filippo Attili

Melons, fascism and racial laws

“Freedom and democracy are the distinctive elements of contemporary European civilization in which I have always recognized myself. And so, despite what has been instrumentally argued, I have never felt any sympathy or closeness to anti-democratic regimes. For no regime, including fascism”. A passage hailed by the Italian Jewish community in a press release published shortly after the end of the Prime Minister’s speech.

Especially because Meloni also spoke about the anti-Semitic racial laws of fascism. “I have always considered the racial laws of 1938 the lowest point in Italian history, a shame that will mark our people forever. The totalitarianisms of the 20th century tore all of Europe apart, not just Italy, for more than half a century, in a succession of horrors that swept over most European states”. “And the horror and the crimes, whatever they are, deserve no justification, and are not compensated by other horrors and other crimes. In the abyss, the scores are never evened, he is content to rush. »

The women Meloni mentioned in her speech: from Elisabetta Casellati to Nilde Iotti. Photo Ansa

Women and the canopy

“Among the many burdens on my shoulders today” is that of being “the first female head of government in this nation. When I dwell on the magnitude of this fact, I feel” the responsibility that I have towards all these women who are going through difficulties to affirm their talent”, declared the Prime Minister. Meloni then named these women who “built this staircase which today allows me to break the glass roof”. A list that included among others Maria Montessori, Tina Anselmi, Nilde Iotti, Rita Levi Montalcini, Oriana Fallaci and the outgoing Minister of Justice, Marta Cartabia.

Melons, Ukraine and Putin

“To those who want to monitor our government, I would say that they can spend their time better,” Meloni said, referring to statements made in recent weeks by ministers and authorities from other European countries. “I hope that those abroad who say they want to watch over Italy are not disrespecting me, but the Italian people who have no lessons to learn.” “Italy is fully part of the West and its alliance system. She was the founder of the EU, of the Atlantic Alliance, part of the G7”.

Photo Ansa / Chigi Filippo Attili

“I am curious about the position that Italy will have in Europe, within the institutions, because that is where its voice will be heard loud and clear,” said Giorgia Meloni. “Only an Italy that respects its commitments can have the authority to ask at European and Western level, for example, that the burdens of the international crisis be shared in a more balanced way. This is what we intend to do, starting with the energy issue”. Then the passage on the ongoing war. “Those who believe that it is possible to trade Ukraine’s freedom for our freedom are mistaken. Giving in to Putin’s blackmail would not solve the problem”.

Bills, energy and taxes

It will also take at the national level “strengthening support measures for families and businesses”, on bills and fuel, “massive support” to create a “barrier to expensive energy” which “will force us to postpone certain measures ” in the program. Giorgia Meloni then indicated her intention to reform the Italian tax system, and mentioned “the fight against tax evasion” and “the tax truce”.

Photo Ansa / Fabio Frustaci

Inflation and PNRR

Against inflation “it is essential to intervene with measures aimed at increasing families’ disposable income. In parallel, it is necessary to be able to widen the range of primary goods which benefit from a VAT reduced to 5%. “The PNRR is an extraordinary opportunity to modernize Italy,” continued Meloni. “We will spend the 68.9 billion non-repayable and the 122.6 billion loaned to Italy by the Next Generation EU as well as possible. Without delays and without waste. “The way to reduce debt is not blind austerity or creative adventurism.” The only way is “structural growth”. For this reason “we are open to foreign investment, but without “predatory logic”.

Paolo Borsellino

“Legality will be the guiding star of government action. I started in politics at 15, the day after the Via D’Amelio massacre, in which the Mafia killed Paolo Borsellino, driven by the idea that one could not stand idly by and watch, that the anger and outrage translated into civic engagement,” Meloni said off the cuff. “The path that led me to be Prime Minister today stems from the example of this hero.” “We will face mafia cancer with our heads held high”, in “the front line, as we have learned from the many heroes who have shown the example by their courage”. “Criminals will have contempt and inflexibility.”

Photo Ansa / Fabio Frustaci

The covid pandemic

“Italy adopted the most restrictive measures of all the West – it then attacked the president over the way previous governments dealt with the Covid pandemic – coming to severely limit people’s fundamental freedoms. and economic activities. But despite this, it is among the states that have recorded the worst data in terms of mortality and infections. Something has certainly gone wrong. And so I want to say right away that we will not reproduce this model in any case”.

Melons and immigrants

“Perhaps the most important thing” to do on the migration front is “to eliminate the causes that push migrants, especially the youngest, to abandon their land, their cultural roots, their family to seek a better life in Europe. Next October 27 will be the sixtieth anniversary of the death of Enrico Mattei, a great Italian”. “Well, I believe that Italy must promote a ‘Mattei plan’ for Africa, a virtuous model of collaboration and growth between the EU and African nations”. “Because we do not intend in any way to question the right to asylum for those fleeing war and persecution. immigration is to prevent smugglers from making the selection to enter Italy”.

Meloni with Salvini, one of the first two assistants, next to the hemicycle on October 25, 2022. Photo Ansa / Fabio Frustaci

Freedom and rights

“Montesquieu used to say that ‘freedom is that good which gives enjoyment to every other good’”, added Giorgia Meloni, speaking of rights. “Freedom is the foundation of a true society of opportunity; it is freedom that must guide our actions; freedom to be, to do, to produce. A centre-right government will never limit the existing freedoms of citizens and businesses. We will see in the test of facts, also on civil rights and abortion, who lied and who told the truth in the election campaign about what our true intentions were. »

Shared presidentialism

Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni also devoted a passage of her speech to constitutional reforms. “We are firmly convinced that Italy needs constitutional reform in the presidential sense,” he said. A reform that “guarantees stability and restores centrality to popular sovereignty”. Because Italy must move from a “questioning democracy” to a “democracy that decides”. On the reform of presidentialism “we want to discuss with all the political forces present in Parliament, to achieve the best and most shared reform possible. But let it be very clear that we will not give up on reforming Italy. »

Andrea Giambruno, the life partner of Giorgia Meloni. Photo Ansa / Fabio Frustaci

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