‘Spawn’: New Movie Will Have ‘Joker’ and New ‘Captain America’ Writers



Finally, the new film “Spawn” must take off! The feature, announced for some time by creator Todd McFarlane, has gained new screenwriters, who worked on “Joker” and “Captain America: New World Order.”

‘Joker’ Scott Silver and ‘The Falcon and The Winter Soldier’ ​​and ‘Captain America: New World Order’ Malcolm Spellman join the creative team for the film Spawn, which will star Jamie Foxx.

Screenwriter Matthew Mixom, who is new to the industry, was also announced. Spawn creator Todd McFarlane was interested in directing the film, but after the new writing team was announced, the comic seems to have backtracked on his idea.

“If we have a top-notch actor, top-notch producers, top-notch screenwriters, then you want to shoot for top-notch directors, top-notch cinematographers? The answer is “of course”. Let’s keep this momentum going,” McFarlane told The Hollywood Reporter.

Recalling that the development of “Spawn” has been going on for years and many fans don’t believe it will come to fruition.

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