“Soul”: Directors and Producer Reveal Alternate Endings for Pixar Animation; Check out!



“Soul” is Pixar’s new sensation and one of the most acclaimed films of the year – but the powerful animated plot would have an alternate ending.

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, co-directors Pete Docter and Kemp Powers, along with producer Dana Murray, revealed the feature film’s alternate endings before they could come to a consensus on the outcome of Joe Gardner’s trip (Jamie Foxx ).

“There was another version where Joe would really go into the afterlife, there was a scene there and then he would come back. And then we realized that we were playing with fire, even though we were quite esoteric. I don’t think it would be so explicit in terms of ‘this is what the afterlife looks like’. It was more abstract. But, anyway, we decided it was dangerous, ”Docter commented.

Powers added that one of the other versions didn’t bring Joe back into his body, keeping him as a mentor before life. “In the version where Joe doesn’t return to his body, he essentially becomes the pre-life mentor, but a repeat mentor. He stays there and becomes the best mentor of all, introducing several ideas for seminars. It kind of revolutionizes everything. It was really cute and really fun and that made some people angry, but, you know, we learn by trying. It didn’t work out, but it was a fun exploration ”.

Murray, for his part, commented on the advances to show the conclusion of the soul known as 22 (Tina Fey) after incarnating and traveling to Earth. “A lot of people wanted to see where 22 left off, and then we thought of a scene that only showed a moment of her and where she was in life. But he didn’t have the emotional touch we needed ”.

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“Soul” is now available on the Disney + streaming platform.

In the plot, Joe Garner is a high school music teacher who dreamed of becoming a jazz musician and eventually got the chance to impress other musicians during an open rehearsal at the Half Note Club. However, an accident causes your soul to be separated from your body and transported to “You Seminary,” a center where souls develop and acquire passions before being transported to a newborn baby. Joe must work with souls in training, like 22 years old, a soul with a dark outlook on life after being imprisoned for years at You Seminar, in order to return to Earth.

Jamie Foxx and Tina Fey lead the main cast, bringing Professor Joe Gardner and the soul known as 22 to life, respectively. Questlove, Daveed Diggs, Angela Bassett and Phylicia Rashad also lend their voices to the feature film.

Additionally, the film will be primarily music driven, bringing in names such as Trent Reznor, Atticus Ross and Jon Baptiste for an original soundtrack with strong ties to jazz.

Pete Docter and Ken Powers are the directors.

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