Songs from the Italy 2022 hit parade chart: Taylor Swift triumphs



A “thrilling” start to the week with the ranking of the best-selling albums according to Fimi/Gfk, without neglecting the most listened to singles and the vinyl podium. Triumph in first place Taylor Swift who has just made her debut with her new studio album, the first time for the artist in Italy to obtain such an important result a few days after its publication.

Taylor Swift debuts for the first time in Italy at the top of the weekly charts. The ranking of the best-selling albums according to Fimi/Gfk indeed sees Midnights, the last studio album by the American artist, triumphing in first position. The disc has already confirmed itself as a streaming and sales record, being the most listened to album ever recorded on Spotify, Apple Music and Amazon Music within the first 24 hours of publication. A great achievement that adds to that of being the only international female artist to reach the highest position in the Italian sales ranking in 2022.

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In second place, a little behind Taylor Switft, thasup still resists on the podium with his latest album full of collaborations. c@ra++ ere s?ec!@le gathers indeed also sees Coez, Rkomi, Pinguini Tattici Nucleari, Lazza, Sfera Ebbasta, Rondodasosa collaborating on the tracklist. On the other hand, Lazza con Sirio, the album which broke all records on the Italian hit parade until a few weeks ago, is back in third position.

Marco Mengoni loses positions in the standings

A position below the podium, in fourth place, Night Skinny with Botox, the latest project that brought together a panorama of 40 artists. However, he loses three places and Marco Mengoni, who was on the podium until last week, is fifth in the standings. Materia (Skin) is the second step towards the trilogy inaugurated with Materia (Terra) and which will end with the release of a new album in the coming months, as it continues its tour in the Italian palazzetti.

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In seventh position one of the few novelties of the week with Arctic Monkeys with The Car, seventh studio album by the British rock band. Closing the weekly list of best-selling albums to the rhythm of rap Luché with Dove volano le eagles, Marracash with Noi, Loro, Gli Altri, Rkomi with Taxi Driver and Bad Bunny with Un verano sin ti.

The Maneskins are confirmed at the top of the singles

Quite different positions for the most listened singles of the last week according to Fimi/Gfk, where the Maneskin triumphs, which already last week reached the top of the charts, with The Loneliest, the last track released. On the other hand, the Nuclear Tactical Penguins with Ricordi remain stable in second place, which continue to collect records with the stadium tours announced for 2023, in Milan and Rome, already sold out. Among vinyls, however, Taylor Switft still triumphs with Midnights in first place.

Photo credits: Ansa

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