Soleil Sorge slams against fans after the announcement: “You are at the level of Walt Disney with ideas” – VIDEO



Soleil Sorge made a very special revelation: shortly after its announcement, fans went wild in the most disparate hypotheses. Here is the influencer’s reaction to what is happening on the web.

Although Lulù Selassiè during the GF Vip 7 seemed to many a bit immature and with a very particular character, perhaps also due to her young age, recent statements have changed the minds of reality TV audiences. After everything that happened with Manuel Bortuzzo, no one expected his words.

Influencer Soleil Sorge in a photo shoot that shares her experience at #GFVipParty (Instagram photo).

During an interview with Radio Cusano Campus, he confirmed that he no longer has any contact with the swimmer, who in the meantime has also broken up with the TikToker Angelica Benevieri. He then invited him to introduce himself, so that we could continue to feel friendly. Many have understood from these words that in reality she is still in love.

Soleil Sorge, the ad moves: did he beat Lulu?

Immediately after the end of GF Vip 6, Lulù Selassiè, along with her sisters Clarissa and Jessica, announced several upcoming singing projects. Their admirers have been waiting for him for a very long time. After the request to guess the title of the first single at the end of September, the Fairy did not let it be known.

#GFVipParty, Pierpaolo Pretelli and Soleil Sorge record the promo for the show about GF Vip 7 (source: Instagram).

In the meantime, however, another gieffina seems to have announced a singing project. Or at least, that’s what all the Soleil Sorge fans immediately started saying after seeing the short video that previewed a new upcoming project. In the black and white images, the influencer is seen smiling in a recording studio.

Influencer’s reaction to fan comments: “Like Walt Disney”

Soleil Sorge also showed the computer screen, where it appeared that several audio tracks were being processed. It may have made many think that he was recording his first musical single. If so, he would beat Lulù and the Selassiè sisters by the time the first song was released. Soleil Sorge poses for the advertisement of his company which sells swimsuits (Instagram photo).

Shortly after the spoiler, however, Soleil Sorge posted an even more cryptic video. As he laughed and had his hair washed by the hairdresser, he explained that he was getting incredible speculation about his upcoming project. He then invited everyone to write down what his new adventure could be, thus increasing the aura of mystery.

Here is the video posted by Soleil Sorge on Instagram that fired up the fans:

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