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Zack Snyder’s Justice League is here! And no matter what you think of the film, one fact is undisputed, unprecedented, and serves as a lesson: Warner listened to the fans. Of course, everything was carefully studied by the studio, which proved the feasibility of the project, a guarantee of success in hand. It was what many fans wanted (and many in it). Why not attend? A movement that started on social networks, created by the public, and which gained more and more proportions until it became something that many thought was impossible: a completely new, jingling and brilliant edition with the vision of Zack Snyder, compared to that went to theaters in 2017.

Zack Snyder’s Justice League serves as a case study as it becomes a new epicenter of social media strength and fan contact with links to mega-companies (the big Hollywood studios), which also eventually reach audiences. way. It is a market in full transformation, following new global trends. How harmful this can become remains to be seen. Or maybe we already know that. Thinking about how fan will was met with Zack Snyder’s version for Justice League, we decided to build this article dealing with precisely this topic, showing variations of that closeness, his beneficial face and also the Maleficent. See below.

Spider-Man in the MCU

We started with a simple one, which turned into a potato. When The Avengers (2012), a movie that brought the Marvel Universe super team together in theaters, opened, Spider-Man was starring in his Sony reboot with The Spectacular Spider-Man, released that same year. Since that time, some fans have already asked the Wall Climbing hero to join their roommates, because in the comics the Spider is the symbol of Marvel. What seemed impossible, has become quite achievable with the failure of The Spectacular Spider-Man 2 (2014). Now I ask, what would have happened if the movie was a success? Either way, due to the insistence of fans, who broke through social media with posts and many memes, a deal was formed between the studios and the character was finally able to join the MCU in Captain America. – Civil War (2016), in the form of a new performer: Tom Holland. And the character has never been better represented.

The “realistic” Backlash Sonic

When the first trailer for Sonic – The Movie (2020) hit the internet, the repercussion was so negative with her design that the discussion around her became more engaging than the possible content of the movie itself. Most expected an approximate result, almost as pitiful as the film Pica-Pau (2017). But it was just seeing the “hideous” look of the blue hedgehog that fans had something to contend with for a long time. And for Paramount, the moment generated by the famous “Speak badly, but talk about me” proved to be very useful. The commotion generated drew attention to the film. The filmmakers, meanwhile, wasted no time racing against the clock, taking advantage of the hype and changing the entire look of the creature, making her more like her cartoonish counterpart. Satisfied fans, it only remained to watch and proclaim their verdict. With half the battle won, there wasn’t much wrong. Sonic is far from a masterpiece, but by not displeasing, he is already emerging victorious. With average reviews and a good box office, the film is already developing its sequel until 2022.

A new Deadpool

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It is also a well-known case. The chatty anti-hero Deadpool’s first appearance was not in a solo movie, as many remember, but in the first derivative of Fox’s mutant universe in X-Men Origins: Wolverine (2009 ). And the result was … let’s say, one of the worst movies of its kind to date. Well, Hugh Jackman, the portrayal of the character with the sharp nails, didn’t get beaten up and continued to climb in the hero’s best solo movies. But he wasn’t the only one. Deadpool’s interpretation of such a movie, already in Ryan Reynolds form, was so negative (and it only got worse over the years) that it ended up being the butt of Greek jokes. and Trojans, including the actor himself. Reynolds had grown attached to the character and believed he deserved a second chance. So, alongside loyal fans, the actor launched a fierce campaign for a solo film of the character and managed to get the project off the ground, becoming the feature we all know and love, released in 2016. The production went on to get the project off the ground. generated a sequel in 2018 and we hope you continue with Reynolds in their inclusion in the MCU.

Snakes on board

It’s a little older, but the prerogative remains valid. Do you know about those hype phenomena generated by movies that nobody gave anything away like the recent Godzilla vs Kong case? A movie that many may know won’t go anywhere, but a true cult status is being created around it. Well this is nothing new and in 2006 it was more or less the same with this feature starring mo *** f *** er Samuel L. Jackson. Taking a lot of turns with the concept “it’s cool to be trash” which grew exponentially at the time, the idea was generated by a joke among the producers, to see who could come up with the worst concept for. a movie. So the snakes on an airplane ended up winning. Putting together an air disaster movie (which is a sub-genre in itself) with the threat of snakes inside the plane was just … something at Sharknado’s level, before Sharknado. So, the concept generated so much hype that the producers even managed to hire star Jackson for the joke, which he says he agreed to when he caught his eye on the title. And that was enough. It was one of the first cases of a film created entirely thanks to positive response from fans, at a time when the internet did not dream of becoming what it is today.

Star Wars – The Rise Skywalker

So far we have only presented articles where the closeness between fans and the studio has generated positive results for both parties, that is, the audience is mostly satisfied and the studios in their pockets. well garnished. Here, unfortunately, we have the first negative case. And that’s not just any case, but it’s probably the biggest movie franchise. And it hurts too much. Star Wars fans are the most passionate, and that is reflected in being the most boring as well. I believe that only the first trilogy (the original) was adopted without too many questions, perhaps because there is no internet yet. In any case, from the second trilogy, the spirits were already more intense. When he got to the third, that’s where it all fell apart. That is, more correctly with the second episode of the most recent trilogy, The Last Jedi (2017). The film has its problems, it is long and takes a long time to work, in addition to having really unnecessary passages. However, what he also possesses is a lot of courage and daring to break expectations. And that’s reflected in the fact that the fans aren’t getting what they wanted. The Last Jedi have divided fans as much as any other feature film in the franchise has, to the point of creating a petition with thousands of signatures asking for the film to be excluded from the timeline. The worst came later. Because of this backlash, for the third film, the studio and director (JJ Abrams) started listening to fans too much, and taking care of whatever they wanted, they ended up eliminating a great deal. part of what had been built in the previous episode. . Basically, it would be as if in Return of the Jedi they wanted to “defeat” Luke being the son of Darth Vader. You might feel the drama a bit. When the desperation is great to please everyone, it ends without pleasing anyone.

Serenity – The fight for tomorrow

Here we go back even further in the past, to the year 2005. Before being partially canceled on the internet, due to his abusive behavior on the set of Justice League (2017), now reported, director Joss Whedon was a force. on small screens. Due to his creations as Buffy – The Vampire Slayer and its derivative Angel, Whedon has become a TV star. Before directing the first two Avengers for Marvel, or even creating the SHIELD Agents program, the filmmaker immersed himself in the sci-fi space universe with his own more subversive version of the Star Trek spacecraft series featuring Firefly. The series quickly garnered loyal followers and cult status, but it wasn’t enough for the series to have “a long and prosperous life” and the project ended up being canceled after a miserable season – with 14 episodes between 2002 and 2003. The commotion was Gaining more and more strength for Fox to give the series one more chance, however, something different took shape. In 2005, the idea was bought by Universal and brought not to small screens, but to big screens in the form of a major film production – thus giving the story a survival and good company for the series. . Today, the love for the program continues, and Firefly (now Serenity in theaters) is one of the 30 most beloved mainstream series of all time.

Black adam

Here we still have a different and curious case. The interaction here was such that the fans chose the role of the protagonist. Have you seen anything like this? As a great developer, Dwayne The Rock Johnson, one of the stars who interacts the most with his fans on social media, has spearheaded the project to bring to the cinema the universe of one of the oldest characters of the comic book, which was created for the DC. Comics team. This is Shazam, former Captain Marvel. The Rock took to social media and asked fans who he should play: protagonist Shazam or his greatest antagonist, the god Adam Black. Fans were quick to respond that the big guy should be the bad guy. And so it was. All with the endorsement of Warner. Zachary Levi was cast as the hero in the red uniform in the eponymous 2019 film, and The Rock soon arrives smashing everything into the spinoff itself, focused on the hero’s enemy, with no set start date.

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