Slumberland – In the land of dreams: what we know about the film with Jason Momoa



Jason Momoa’s fantasy adventure Slumberland finally hits Netflix on November 18, 2022. Here’s what we know about the movie.

The film Slumberland – In the world of dreams, the new adventure of Francis Lawrence (the same director of The Hunger Games) with the acclaimed Jason Momoa, famous for having played Aquaman and the very young Marlow Barkley, is available on the platform of streaming Netflix for a few days.

After reading all the tabloids around the world about how Momoa showed up at the movie premiere, in pajamas and with a pink piglet, let’s now focus on the plot. The tale follows a young girl, Spirited, who discovers a secret map to the dreamlike world of Slumberland and, with the help of the outlaw played by Jason Momoa who plays Flip, escapes nightmares in hopes of seeing her again. and find his deceased father. .

The cast of “Slumberland” is made up of India de Beaufort, Humberly González, Tonya Cornelisse, Weruche Opia, Ava Cheung, Michael Blake, Sergio Osuna, Jamillah Ross, Luxton Handspiker, Cameron Nicoll, Katerina Taxia, Izaak Smith, Leslie Adlam, Owais Sheikh, Antonio Raine Pastore, Irene Barriault, François Pruneau, Paulina Posadas Dagio, Adriano Leropoli, Maher El Hares, Dorami Hsien, Randolf Jimenez, George Triantos.

The official plot

“Slumberland” takes audiences to a magical place, a dream world where precocious Nema (Marlow Barkley) and her eccentric sidekick Flip (Jason Momoa) embark on the adventure of a lifetime. After the unexpected loss of her father Peter (Kyle Chandler) at sea, young Nemo’s idyllic existence in the Pacific Northwest is turned upside down when she is sent to live in town with her uncle Phillip (Chris O’Dowd). , well-intentioned but deeply complexed.

His new school and new routine are tough by day, but by night, a secret map of the fantasy world of Slumberland connects Nemo to Flip, a tough but lovable outlaw who quickly becomes his companion and guide. She and Flip soon find themselves on an incredible journey through dreams and escaping nightmares, in which Nemo begins to hope to find his father.

A film born from the comic strip “Little Nemo in Slumberland”

Director Francis Lawrence is internationally known for the horror Constantine from the comic book of the same name, the post-apocalyptic I Am Legend with Will Smith, the romantic drama Water for Elephants as well as three films from the Hunger Games saga and the thriller spying Red Sparrow. Francis Lawrence is directing “Slumberland” from a screenplay by Michael Handelman & David Guion. Slumberland is a film version of Winsor McCay’s 1905 cartoon Little Nemo in Slumberland.

3 curiosities about Slumberland – Solocine.it

Compared to the original comic, which featured a boy named Nemo, the Netflix TV series features an 11-year-old girl named Nema as the female protagonist, who lives in a lighthouse with her uncle after her father goes missing. Compared to the original comic, even Jason Momoa’s Flip’s look has been completely changed from the “nearly three-meter-tall, half-man, half-beast creature with shaggy fur and long, curved fangs.” depicted in the original comic.

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