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Siena International Photo Awards 2022: all the winners



The winners of the Siena International Photo Awards 2022 have been announced. The final victory goes to Greek photographer Konstantinos Tsakalidis with the Woman from Evia shot. 12 strokes awarded in total and corresponding to all categories of the competition.

Woman from Evia by Konstantinos Tsakalidis is the photo that wins the overall victory at the Siena International Awards 2022. The prestigious photo competition awarded 12 other prizes, corresponding to the different categories of the competition.

Siena Prize Winner“Woman of Euboea” by Konstantinos Tsakalidis @SIPA

Euboea is Greece’s second largest island and the winning shot from SIPA 2022 captures the despair of 81-year-old Kritsiopi Panayiota just as flames are about to devour her home. The photo captures one of the dramatic moments that hit the country in the summer of 2021. Devastating fires that led to very serious environmental damage.

At the Siena International Photo Award from the “smokes” of the city to the river ports

The winners of the 12 categories competing at the Siena International Photo Awards 2022 were announced on Saturday, October 1, during the ceremony at Teatro dei Rinnovati that officially opened the Siena Awards. The winning photo will be exhibited in Siena until November 20. With her also the winning photos of the SIPA, the Creative Photo Awards and the Drone Photo Awards and the personal exhibitions of the Danish Siddiqui, Ami Vitale, Dan Winters and Peter Mather who received the prize for best author. Prize obtained thanks to the powerful narration of the images of his two projects dedicated to foxes and grizzly bears.

Smokey Coat Michael Kowalczyk“Smoky coat” by Michael Kowalczyk @SIPA

The winning shots of SIPA 2022 are exciting and fascinating and each of them contains a story full of values. Thus, in the Street Photography category, the winner is the Smokey Coat photographed in New York, signed by the German photographer Michael Kowalczyk. The protagonist of the shot seems to emerge from the vapors that come from the basement and form a sort of cloud. In 1st place in the Travel and Adventure category is the photographic work of Bengali photographer Rahat Bin Mustafiz. Photo taken in Pabna, one of Bangladesh’s most important river ports for the import of fertilizers, grain, coal and cement where ultimately the remuneration depends on the number of bags transported.

The focus on animals

In the Fascinating Faces and Characters category, the winner is Angelina Jolie and Bees, signed by American photographer Dan Winters. The photo, taken for National Geographic, promotes the actress’ initiative on the occasion of World Bee Day. The real bees are the ones covering Angelina Jolie’s face and body, attracted by the queen bee pheromone sprinkled on the actress’s body, which lay motionless for 18 minutes without even a sting. Mother, Tender Love comes from Canada and is the photo with which the Israeli photographer Amos Nachoum wins the Animals in their environment section. At the Siena International Photo Awards, a photo that depicts a mother bear (polar bear) anxious to protect her cub, who even today, due to climate change, has to travel long distances to feed and survive. Joker Smile, meanwhile, is the winning shot in the Architecture & Urban Spaces category, shot by Jordanian photographer Muhammad Almasri.

Mother Tender Love Amos NachoumMother of Tender Love by Amos Nachoum @SIPA

In first place in the Sports in action category, instead, the Brazilian photographer Jonne Roriz with the snapshot Finding Nemo. A photo of a small fish splashing out of the water in the opposite direction of Brazilian swimmer Ana Marcela Cunha, Olympic gold medalist. Taking first place in the Underwater Life category, Spanish photographer Francisco Javier Murcia Requena’s image depicts a young seahorse clinging to a seagull’s feather. A tribute, as the note wants to specify, to the young seahorses which, in the first phase of life, learn to move by clinging by the tail to any floating object. American photographer Ami Vitale, with the video titled Shaba, wins the Short Documentary category. The video tells the story of the first elephant matriarch of the Reteti Elephant Sanctuary and the extraordinary bonds she forged with a herd of orphaned baby elephants and the people who rescued her.

Faces, people, nature

From the Mediterranean Sea comes the shot of Italian photographer Fabrizio Maffei who, at the Siena International Photo Awards, won the Documentary and Photojournalism category with the shot High Hopes which immortalizes volunteers determined to rescue a refugee in the water. From Fagradalsfjall, Iceland, the Way to Hell photographed by German photographer Nadine Galandi who won the category The Beauty of Nature. Close up of a dramatic volcanic eruption and a row of small active craters. Indonesian photographer Raffael Gunawan’s photo Kiss Me wins the Under 20 category. In the photo, a model poses while a bird is drawn to her lipstick lips.

Finally, the Canadian photographer Peter Mather, in addition to having won the prize for best author, won in the Storytelling category with the Urban and Wild project. A project that began during the Covid-19 pandemic when he was walking his dog in Whitehorse, the city where he lives. As the note aptly describes: “During one of these walks he came across one of the many foxes in the Canadian town, with a den in an abandoned building. He thus began to document Whitehorse’s thriving and resilient fox population that thrives, survives, adapts and coexists with people. »

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