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Should I Hire a Criminal Lawyer Even If I Am Innocent?



Criminal Lawyer

The Georgia Innocence Project indicates that 4–6% of people in U.S. prisons have faced wrongful convictions. These statistics are worrying. Can you imagine being behind bars for a crime you never committed? Such questions linger in one’s mind when facing criminal charges. 

Although the American judicial system seems flawless, no one knows the case’s outcome. A criminal defense attorney helps you cover the uncertainty. See the reasons why you should hire a criminal lawyer, even if you’re innocent.

Lawyers Come to Fill the Gap

Criminal charges can be haunting, and knowing that the judgment lies in the hands of the prosecutor is even more worrying. You might also feel short on the legal information available to defend yourself in court. To protect yourself, you should consult legal professionals like a criminal defense lawyer from Chudnovsky Law. The choice of a criminal lawyer does not indicate fear; it shows preparedness to tackle what is ahead.

Lawyers offer Legal Counsel and Interpretation

A criminal defense attorney does not just come in to present you in court. They ensure that you don’t get incriminated, even during interrogations. You will get the right advice and keep the interrogators on their toes. Things you never knew existed in law that the legal counsel interprets are:

  • Re-interpretation of the law may be confusing and can implicate you. You, therefore, need an experienced attorney to walk you through the complex legal system. A criminal defense lawyer remains adept at adapting to changes, including updating themselves with the latest rulings.
  • The feeling is mutual here; a win-win situation should be attained. The lawyers understand your plea and are ready to give you the best advice to help you win the case.

Help in Investigations to Unearth Crucial Evidence and the Truth

Attorneys are experienced and can easily trace evidence or flaws that can significantly affect the outcome of a case. They spend time on cases to understand the details and help develop a stronger defense. Lawyers are involved in,

  • Asking the right questions during investigations. Some questions may be left behind in the case of false accusations or a misleading complainant.
  • The lawyer also analyzes the evidence. This aims at detecting errors, biases, and misleading forensic investigations. You may not be in a position to decode such information.
  • Questioning misleading or the evidence presented.

Exercise your Rights

Under the Fifth Amendment of U.S. law, it is your constitutional right to hire a lawyer when arrested. Whether you’re innocent or have committed a crime, a criminal attorney will represent you. You have the right to remain silent until a defense lawyer represents you. Wait until you get the right advice from your attorney. Some words during an investigation may be used against you.

Free photo criminal in handcuffs

For Support and Guidance

Can you imagine everyone thinking you’re a criminal, even though you have not committed a crime? It’s a traumatizing scenario. A criminal defense lawyer will offer the needed support when you’re down. They will guide you on the best procedural measures to reduce anxiety while advising on the case’s progress.


In a criminal case, the decision is determined by how well your case is presented to the persecutor. You might not be well versed in doing this, so having an experienced attorney to represent you is essential. You will have a planned session. 

Lawyers will help decode any misleading information or errors and are experienced in dealing with legal complexities that can put you behind bars. 

Read the Miranda rights as established in the Fifth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. You will learn the importance of having legal representation when arrested.

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