Shimmer and Glamour: Unleashing the Beauty of Rhinestone Bikinis



Hello there, stunning athletes! Are you prepared to embrace your inner diva and delve into the world of rhinestone bikinis? We have all the glam and shine you need at Competition Suit Shop to shine brightly on the competition stage. Our bikini prices start from $299 and posing suit prices start from $99, making us the most affordable and durable brand in the entire world! We also offer free worldwide shipping!

Our rhinestone bikinis are made from four-way stretch spandex fabric (the only recommended fabric for competition bikinis) and we also offer accessories to help you shine and win whether you’re a bodybuilder bikini competitor, or figure athlete. 

Let’s get going!

What Are Rhinestone Bikinis? is a good place to start.

Let’s start by discussing what rhinestone bikinis are. Think about your favorite bikini with a magical twist. Bikinis featuring small, glittering crystals or rhinestones as embellishments are known as rhinestone bikinis. Everywhere you go, people will notice you because of the stunning sparkle created by these tiny jewels that catch the light.

Why Choose Competition Bikinis with Rhinestones? 

1. Elegance and Confidence – Rhinestone bikinis are more than just competition wear, they also increase self-confidence. When you wear something you love, you’ll feel like a star as soon as you enter the stage. Your effort and hard work are reflected in the crystals, highlighting your contours and lean figure.

2. Versatility – Rhinestone bikinis are appropriate for bodybuilding, figure, and bikini contests. The cheapest rhinestone bikinis are available at Competition Suit Shop! Our competition bikini prices start at just $299 USD! We provide athletes with rhinestone bikinis in a variety of colors and patterns, letting you show off your individuality while still following competition regulations. If you already know what you want your bikini suit to look like, we can custom-make it for you!

3. Paying Attention to Details – Every detail is carefully considered by Competition Suit Shop. Our rhinestones are meticulously chosen and firmly fastened to guarantee that they remain in place throughout your performance.

Our Bikinis with Rhinestones

Let’s look at what makes Competition Suit Shop unique right now. We have a large selection of rhinestone bikinis and competition attire made specifically for you:

1. Bikinis for competitions – These bikinis are made to suit the requirements of bikini competition. To suit your preferences, they are available in a variety of styles, including triangle, cheeky, and microkini. 

2. Figure Bikinis – Our figure bikinis for figure competitions blend refinement and elegance. The rhinestones highlight your physique and highlight the hard-won muscular definition. 

3. Physique Bikinis – Our physique bikini suits offer the ideal balance of covering and glitter because they were created with physique competitors in mind. While retaining a professional image, you’ll look gorgeous.

4. Posing Suits – In order to accentuate your figure during posing routines, we also provide posing suits that guarantee the ideal fit and covering. 

5. Competition Jewellery – Don’t forget to glance at our competition jewelry to round off your glamorous outfit. We have the bling to go with your rhinestone bikini, including bracelets and earrings. 

How to Maintain Your Rhinestone Bikini?

Special rhinestone bikinis require a little additional care. to maintain their best appearance. You must adhere to a few rules in order to keep your bikini suit from becoming ruined. You can also watch the video here – How to wash your competition suit?

1. Always wash your rhinestone bikini by hand. Use cold water and mild detergent. To protect the rhinestones, avoid machine washing. You don’t want the rhinestones to come off, do you?

2. After washing leave your bikini to fully dry before touching the crystals. Never twist it or wring it out because doing so can damage the crystals.

3. Keep your rhinestone bikini in a dry place away from sunlight.

Now that you know the rule book, are you ready ladies? It’s time to express your inner glamour with our stunning rhinestone bikinis and competition wear collection. 

At the Competition Suit Shop, we understand the dedication and hard work you put into your training, and we’re here to help you shine on that competition stage. 

Visit our website, competitionsuitshop, to explore our collection of affordable and durable competition bikini suits and find the perfect bikini bodybuilding for your next competition. It’s time to sparkle, conquer, and make your mark!

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