“She’s still a great friend…”



Sabrina Ferilli made a few statements about her great friendship with presenter Maria De Filippi: here are her words.

The words of Sabrina Ferilli on the great friendship that has bound her for a long time to the famous host Maria De Filippi: these are her words on the show Today is another day.

Sabrina Ferilli solocine.it

In the last episode of the show “Today is another day”, the special guest was Sabrina Ferilli, who with the hostess had a long conversation speaking freely and without filters on many topics closely related both to her professional and professional life than to his intimate life and private sphere.

During this long interview, first a clip was shown in which Ferilli is engaged in a skit with Virginia Raffaele in her impersonation. Later, the actress then said the following: “These things bother me, they have fun putting me in trouble with these initiatives of touching, kissing”.

After that, the presenter named Maria De Filippi, with Ferilli who issued the following statement: “With her there is a different relationship, she is a great friend, but also with her these curtains are created”, indicating however in the historical host one of the people with whom he has the most fun.

Sabrina Ferilli’s words to Today is another day about her past

During the program led by Serena Bortone, Sabrina Ferilli then spoke about her childhood and adolescence, revealing how her parents were unfortunately not so present but how at the same time she had received from them an education based on principles. and important values.

Here are his declarations: “My family has been a reference for work and autonomy”. Then on the experience of his own body far from the stereotypes of those years: “I didn’t feel ugly, they made me feel there. A little ‘I was disappointed, for about eight or nine years I haven’t even had boyfriends’.

Statements about Lucio Dalla

Sabrina Ferilli solocine.it

In the episode of Today is another day, Ferilli also wanted to talk about Lucio Dalla, with whom the actress directed the show Beauty and the Beast in the past.

Here are his revelations: “Lucio arrived in the studio followed by a whole procession of people he found in the street. Prostitutes, homeless, everyone participated in the program. He told me they were all his friends. His jokes? He said a lot of things, maybe not always believable”.

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