‘Sherlock Holmes 3’: director reveals streak with Robert Downey Jr is ‘on hiatus’



Warner has been trying to release the third film in the “ Sherlock Holmes 3 ” franchise for years, and it looks like the project will take longer.

Dexter Fletcher, director of the third film, revealed in an interview with Celebrity Catch Up that the project has been put “indefinitely” because of the pandemic.

“Sherlock Holmes 3 is currently solving all of his problems to get ready.” The project has been put on hold for now, until it is clear what is going to happen in the world, ”he said.

The premiere was scheduled for 2022.

Daisy Ridley (“Star Wars“, “Murder on the Orient Express”) is invited to play Sidney, the female protagonist of the feature film. She is described as an investigative reporter for the San Francisco Herald, but in fact she is an American agent in disguise.

In addition, recent rumors indicate that the main villain of the film will be a senator named Cornelius Guest, described as an ambitious businessman who tries to orchestrate a plan to steal gold from the American nation to invest in his business. .

Further plot details weren’t mentioned and, with the departure of director Guy Ritchie, it’s possible the sequence will have a more surprising tone under Dexter Fletcher (“Rocketman“).

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Fletcher has promised to honor the work Ritchie did with the characters from the first two films.

“I think it’s inevitable, isn’t it? Every time you have different filmmakers. I will not ignore what he did brilliantly, ”he told Collider. “There will be an element of that, but I will also bring my own identity and it will be a little different. And I guess that’s the benefit of bringing in someone new. We’ll see what happens. ”

The filmmaker also said he sought advice from Ritchie, who fully supports his work on the new film.

“He is very generous. He said, “You’re going to have a lot of fun with this. Go have fun. It will be exciting. Robert Downey Jr. is amazing. Jude Law is fantastic ”. There is an incredible cast and it’s a great opportunity. It’s good to be a part of it. Guy was glad it was me [assumindo a direção]. ”

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