“She committed suicide”, tears for a former Big Brother candidate: heartbreaking mourning



Sad day for a former contestant of Big Brother who had to face a heartbreaking mourning: his words.

These are tough times for a former Big Brother contestant who faced heartbreaking bereavement in these hours. In fact, one of her friends would have committed suicide: the bitter and sad admission on social networks.

Day of mourning for a former protagonist of the show (Via WebSource)

A serious bereavement in these hours has struck Ambra Lombardo, former Big Brother competitor and former Tiki Taka teacher as well as teacher. The communication went through the stories published on Instagram. Here, Lombardo explained that in the past few hours she had lost a dear friend of hers, Sandra. A death that I will now digest is bitter since the woman would have committed suicide. Lombardo, after announcing the news, ventured into a long reflection on the influence that social media has on the daily lives of many individuals.

The former competitor of the house affirms that on the one hand everyone has the reins of his existence and his own happiness / misfortune in his hands, on the other hand he writes that undoubtedly the massive advent of web platforms is fomenting a dizzying model of life aimed at creating anxieties and troubles that should not be underestimated. Amber, as expected, has decided to keep quiet about the details of how her partner lost his life. However, what emerges from her thoughts about the networking world is that Sandra seems to have somehow been touched by the dark side of social media.

Big Brother, mourning for Ambra Lombardo: her friend commits suicide

Ambra Lombardo in social media snap (via Instagram)

On her social profile, Ambra Lombardo engaged in reasoning inherent in the world of social networks. According to the Sicilian-born professor, today there are too many people who tend to get entangled with what they see on the web and end up fleeing real life, looking for an illusory refreshment in the virtual where everything has the flavor of a fairy tale, myth, idealization of perfection.

Moreover, according to the former Tiki Taka showgirl, the network has a dark face that has the power to insinuate itself into the frailties of certain people, making them believe that they are inadequate and pushing them to pursue a life at home. latest fashion, made up of brands, sponsors, travel, etc. So finally the teacher indulged in a last goodbye to her beloved friend.

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