Shailene Woodley Unveils Her Favorite Netflix Productions; To verify!



In a new promotional video from Netflix, Shailene Woodley revealed to fans her favorite productions from the streaming platform.

The titles chosen by the actress were “The Circle: USA”, “La mafia des tigres”, “The Crown”, “Professor Polvo” and “Enola Holmes”.

To verify:

Remembering that Woodley stars in the recent novel “The Last Love Letter”, alongside Felicity Jones.

Remember the trailer:

The film was directed by Augustine Frizzell.

Enjoy watching:

Based on the novel written by Jojo Moyes (“Like I Was Before You”), the film takes place in two different eras and follows the unusual stories of Jennifer Stirling (Woodley) and Ellie Haworth (Jones).

Stirling lives in the 1960s and is married to a cold, unromantic husband named Laurence (Joe Alwyn). As a result, she lives an extramarital affair in the company of journalist Anthony O’Hare (Callum Turner).

The other timeline is played by Haworth, who lives in London these days and works in a newspaper office, where he ends up finding Jennifer’s love letters.

‘The Last Love Letter’ is directed by Augustine Frizzell (‘Never Goin’ Back ‘).

Make sure to watch:

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