Sexual abuse allegations against Ansel Elgort resurface with ‘Amor’ remake, Sublime Amor



While many people are excited to watch the remake of ‘Amor, Sublime Amor‘, some fans are disappointed that Ansel Elgort is still involved in the project.

The reason? Allegations of sexual abuse.

The allegations resurfaced on social media with the release of the first reactions to the feature film and various promotional materials released by 20th Century Studios.

Several netizens posted against Elgort’s actions, making comments condemning his predatory and abusive behavior.

To verify:

Something about the terms “Ansel Elgort” and “high school” together doesn’t suit me

– Fleetwood River (@River_Fleetwood) November 30, 2021

Enjoy watching:

“Something about the terms ‘Ansel Elgort’ and ‘schoolgirl’ being together doesn’t sound right to me.”

Hollywood is so hypocritical. They, from their little events where they claim to support SA survivors, all the ‘Me Too’ stuff, sell the survivor stories AND THEN GIVE A FUCKING PLATFORM TO KNOWN ABUSE.

So, FUCK Hollywood and FUCK Ansel Elgort’s ugly ass.

– les 🧣 (@swiftrouge) November 30, 2021

“Hollywood is a hypocrite to fuck. They organize their small events and say they support the victims of sexual abuse, create the “Me Too” movement, sell the stories to the survivors and then give a platform to the rapists. ”

Looking forward to West Side Story and dreading every appearance of Ansel Elgort in West Side Story

– Matt Zoller Seitz (@mattzollerseitz) November 30, 2021

“Thrilled by ‘Love, Sublime Love’ and dreading all the appearance of Ansel Elgort [no filme]”.

My King knew for a long time when this Ansel Elgort is just a cross between Jared Kushner and Armie Hammer

– Aaron Stewart-Ahn (@somebadideas) November 30, 2021

“My king knew there that Ansel Elgort is just a cross between Jared Kushner and Armie Hammer.”

if you haven’t read this ansel elgort allegations thread (with receipts) you should

– Kelsey weekman (@kelsaywhat) November 30, 2021

“If you haven’t read this thread on the allegations against Ansel Elgort (supplemented by evidence), you should.”


In June 2020, profile @itsgabby revealed a shocking and baffling story about a chance encounter he had with Elgort just before he turned 17.

According to the post, the victim was raped and during sex she burst into tears in pain because it was her first time. Instead of stopping the act, Elgort pushed even more, telling him, “We have to open up to you.”

To verify:

My story with Ansel Elgort.

– gabby (@ltsgabby) June 19, 2023

“I was sexually assaulted a few days after I turned 17. I was only 17 years old. And he was in his twenties. He knew what he was doing. I’m not posting this to “harass” you because I don’t care. I’m posting this so that I can finally heal, and I know I’m not alone in this case and he has done this with other girls.

Ansel Elgort sexually assaulted me when I was 17. I had called him privately on Snapchat. I didn’t think he would see my post at some point and I was just a kid and his fan.

When it all happened, instead of wondering if I wanted to stop having sex, knowing that it was my first time and that I was sobbing in pain and didn’t want to do it, the only words that came out of his mouth were “we need to push”. I was not there, at the time, mentally. I dissociated myself from myself and felt my mind was elsewhere. I was in shock and couldn’t get out. […] He made me feel like this was how sex was meant to be. I was very young and he knew it. He also told me things like “you’ll be a beautiful woman when you grow up”. I was 17. Not only did he do that, he asked me to get naked. I was only 17 years old. He also requested a threesome with one of my ‘dance friends’ – they were also minors and didn’t tell anyone because he said it ‘could ruin his career’. […]

Years later, I still have PTSD, panic attacks, and go to therapy. I’m ready to talk about it and I want to tell other girls who have been through the same situation that you are not alone.

The author of the post also posted photos alongside Elgort, proving that she was truly by his side:

– gabby (@ltsgabby) June 19, 2023

In one of the multiple comments in response, another Twitter user said that Elgort once told GQ Magazine that he was “quite threatening” about sex:

The same man says disgusting things like this:

– ᴰ ⁷ ⟭⟬ BLM (@SUMTAETAE) June 19, 2023

Make sure you watch:

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