‘Sex / Life’: Fans wary of continuity error in sultry scene; Understand!



At the end of June, Netflix added to the catalog the series ‘Sex / Life’, considered one of the most sensual attractions of the platform.

Based on true stories from writer BB Easton, the plot follows a married woman and mother of two who can’t help but think about her fiery past with her ex, which ends up spawning unintended consequences.

As early as the 3rd episode, there is a controversial scene in which actor Adam Demos appears naked, which has shocked subscribers of the platform.

On the other hand, much of the audience is still unsure whether the scene was actually recorded with Demos or not.

The series creator, Stacy Rukeyser, made a mystery about it and did not want to reveal the secret, but the fans decided to investigate …

Apparently, a continuity error ended up delivering the answer and some believe that a body double acted in place of the actor.


It turns out that there is a flashblack in Episode 4, revealing that Demos’ character Brad had two bees tattooed on the front of his waist as a symbol of his love for Billie (Sarah Shahi).

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In the scene, Brad shows the protagonist the tattoo and you can see that the design is close to the hip.

Another detail is that in the final episode of the series, he again reveals that he kept the tattoo as a souvenir. That’s why the bees should have appeared when he and Cooper (Mike Vogel) shower in the gym locker room… But she’s not there.

Among fans, the main bet to explain the error is that the series would have used a body double, but Rukeyser guarantees that it wouldn’t.

But the doubt remains because she did not want to reveal if there had been a change in the body of the actor when he was questioned by Collider.

“It’s not a double. People often ask me if the scene is real or if it is a prosthesis and all I can say is what Adam says about it: “a gentleman never talks about these things. “. So let’s leave that to the public imagination.

The creator also claims that the sultry scenes were filmed with expert support and are not on the show just for attention.

“Each of the intimate scenes is there to tell the story or explain a character and was very well planned. Everyone knew what kind of story we were going to do and were excited to approach female sexuality and desire in a different way.

In the case of the shower scene between Brad and Cooper, the idea was to show how Billie’s husband was obsessed with harassing his wife’s ex-boyfriend and losing control of the situation.

“Everything is internal, there is no dialogue, and Mike Vogel does an incredible job with it. You see it in a “I shouldn’t be doing this” feed. It’s not just for the impact, it’s a real story to show how obsessed he is, ”she concluded.

So, have you watched the series? If so, are you convinced by the explanation?


The series was created by Stacy Rukeyser and only has women directing the episodes.

The cast includes Sarah Shahi, Mike Vogel, Adam Demos, Margaret Odette, Phoenix Reich and Jonathan Sadowski.

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