Serie A, the coach risks big: a stage exemption, the replacement ready



The manager risks paying for the unsatisfactory results of his team. The club are ready to replace him and have already identified the replacement

Today, Sunday November 13, will be played the very last round of Serie A matches for the calendar year 2022. The championship will indeed stop to make way for the Qatar World Cup, which will officially start in a week.

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Despite the long break (it will resume in the league at the beginning of January), the Italian clubs will have to make important assessments on what needs to be changed in their respective squads, also in the management of technical resources.

In this sense, we read the high risk of a dismissal on the bench for a coach, highly esteemed for the game and the ideas offered, but who could pay for the recent poor results. This is Massimiliano Alvini, coach of Cremonese.

Alvini now in talks: Cremonese could focus on former Empoli

Alvini this season is a rookie as a Serie A coach. Before Cremonese was called up, he only managed lower league teams, such as Reggiana, Perugia or Albinoleffe. Massimiliano Alvini (photo loop)

The Lombard club, newly promoted to the top flight this year, surprisingly focused on the ideas and development of this good coach. But the choice does not pay off: in 15 matches, Cremonese has yet to win a league victory, even if it stops dangerous teams like Atalanta, Udinese and Milan.

Alvini, after the nasty KO of Empoli, is in serious danger of being sacked. In these hours, the direction of Cremonese, led by the historical manager Ariedo Braida, will make a decision. The grigiorossi already have a strong name to replace him, a coach who also comes from Empoli and who offers a game that is reminiscent of that of Alvini.

This is Aurelio Andreazzoli, a very experienced Tuscan coach, also a star of 4-3-1-2 as a basic tactical module, the very one that Cremonese has been offering since the start of the season.

Not just Andreazzoli. In the shortlist of the Cremonese management there are also two other well-known names: Davide Ballardini and Beppe Iachini, other very experienced coaches, famous for being considered true passers in the hunt for salvation. Recall that Cremonese is now third from the bottom of the standings with 7 points, three points behind Spezia.

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