Serie A, sudden mourning: the coach leaves in tears



Bad news arrives for the supporters and for the coach himself: a big grief that no one expected and which spoils the festive atmosphere

Yesterday the first part of the 2022-2023 football season officially ended, given that the championships will stop until next January for the start of the World Cup in Qatar, an event where unfortunately Italy will not be present.

Mourning in Italian football (web source)

One of the last matches of this first phase was Milan-Fiorentina, a match played last night at San Siro. A hard-fought and spectacular match, won in extremis by the Rossoneri 2-1.

A sustained success which concludes in the best possible way a fantastic year 2022 for Milan, which returned to win the Scudetto last May. But unfortunately it was not a day of celebration for everyone.

Stefano Pioli leaves San Siro in tears: serious family mourning for the Milanese coach

Bad news at the end of Milan-Fiorentina for Stefano Pioli. The coach of the reigning Italian champions received a truly terrible announcement just 90 minutes into the game. Stefano Pioli (photo Lapresse)

The coach was immediately warned by the Rossoneri bosses of a tragic and sudden death in the family. Something very serious therefore for Pioli, who indeed missed the interviews with the TVs and the post-match press conference in an unusual way.

Milan reported that Pioli, for strictly personal reasons and by autonomous decision, decided to forgo the interviews (in which manager Paolo Maldini participated) and immediately traveled to Parma, his hometown.

Obviously, neither the coach nor the Milan press office wanted to go into detail and clarify the person affected by the bereavement. But it is certainly a serious loss for Mr Pioli, given the tears with which he reacted to the very bad news.

A tragedy that ruins a perfect 2022 until yesterday for Stefano Pioli and his fans. Over the past eleven months, AC Milan have been crowned Italian champions (a title they have been missing for 11 years) and have also managed to qualify for the knockout stages of the Champions League, where they will face the Antonio Conte’s Tottenham in February.

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