Selvaggia Lucarelli, very serious mourning because of the Covid: heartbreaking farewells



Selvaggia Lucarelli, very serious mourning because of the Covid: heartbreaking goodbyes. The last greeting is a moving message and memory

For more than two and a half years, the world has been fighting against Covid, but the relatively low number of infections and deaths in recent months has prompted us to remain vigilant. But those who experience it on their skin, like Selvaggia Lucarelli, know that the drama is far from over.

Selvaggia Lucarelli, very serious mourning due to Covid (ANSA)

With a long ticket, the journalist, expected as always at Dancing with the stars, told everyone of her greatest pain. In the early hours of today’s morning, in fact, her mother, Nadia, died at the age of 79, overcome by the illness she had been battling with for some time and weakened by the pandemic.

A painful and committed post, to salute her unwavering commitment dedicated to the family: “She died of Covid and compromises. The compromises we have all accepted to continue living, inevitably leaving someone behind. Those like her, in most cases: the fragile. I am not angry, because I myself have taken up the frantic pace of those who urgently need to live”.

He defines her as a generous, disinterested woman, always concerned about others. A person who has always sacrificed and today that many have been able to resume their lives as always, it is as if his sacrifice had even more meaning. “I like to think she left at dawn for this: to say goodbye to us all and wish us a nice day, ‘run, don’t worry about me’. How she was, how she lived” .

Selvaggia Lucarelli, very serious mourning due to Covid: the mother’s long illness

As “La Repubblica” rebuilds, Nadia had been suffering from Alzheimer’s disease for some time and had been hospitalized since early November after contracting Covid. A fight, the one against the disease, that Selvaggia had told without hiding anything.

It also happened that she wandered away from home, losing track of her and Lucarelli had publicly asked for help in finding her. Lately, she was in an Rsa, isolated from the world but especially from relatives who could not even make her feel their closeness. Nadia Agen was 79 years old (Instagram Selvaggia Lucarelli)

Many responded to Selvaggia’s post, showing their closeness. Personalities like Antonella Clerici, Gianni Morandi, Elisa Isoardi, Emma Marrone, Bianca Guaccero, Carlo Conti, Caterina Balivo, but also lesser known people.

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