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January is already coming to an end, but Netflix still has many premieres scheduled to reach subscribers by the 31st.

And this week, moviegoers will be presented with the arrival of the long-awaited Fate: The Winx Saga series, in addition to the second season of the Jurassic World: Jurassic Camp animation.

And so you don’t miss out on anything new that will debut over the next few days on the calendar, check out the full release schedule!

Oi Ninja: Season 4
In Season 4, Wesley, Georgie, and Pretzel the Cat have more fun adventures, solve mysteries, and learn important life lessons.

Mother only has two
Two very different women make a special family when they find out that their six-month-old babies have been changed in the maternity ward.

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The arsenal of spies
Discover the equipment behind the biggest spy crates in history and see how they were invented and used.

Ten Percent: Season 4
The ASK team is back for the fourth season. Andrea is now in charge, and the talent agency is not at its best.

Destiny: The Winx Saga
While learning to control their spells at a magical boarding school, five teenage fairies make new friends, fall in love, and attempt to find their true identity. By Brian Young, the series is a live action version of Iginio Straffi’s Italian animation “The Winx Club”.

The Detective Game: Season 3
In the third season of this series that combines fact and fiction, celebrities try to solve small crimes that are part of a great mystery.

Glazed: Season 2
The workshop is open! A new group of glass craftsmen take on the heat and the clock, competing in 10 very dynamic challenges.

Grandma came out of the closet
Eva is engaged to an aristocratic man from a conservative family. What will they think when they hear that her grandmother is going to marry her best friend?

The white tiger
The ambitious driver of an Indian family uses his intelligence and cunning to escape poverty and succeed. Based on the eponymous bestseller.

Jurassic World: Jurassic Camp: Season 2
Dinosaurs are always roaming free and a group of tourists can be a hope for the crowd. Only, all is not as it seems.

Love marriage and divorce
Three successful women in the radio world experience upheaval when their marriages fall apart.

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