Season 4 of ‘Elite’ is compared to Xvideos; See the reactions!



The long-awaited season 4 of the ‘Elite’ series is now available on Netflix, and it looks like the platform’s subscribers are comparing the episodes with the adult movie site Xvideos.

In the plot, a demanding principal and four new students arrive at the school, resulting in new love affairs, scandalous rumors and yet another mystery.

However, fans were taken aback by the exaggerations in the sex scenes and are posting euphoric posts about all of this romance and sensuality.

Check out the reactions:

About Elite season 4, which you can also find on Xvideos pic.twitter.com/7zZoHb4gqQ

– (@ Dylan_Henrique1) June 19, 2021

mds is it elite or xvideos

– castello (@gicastello_) June 18, 2021

this new elite season is his xvideos # Elite # ELITE4 # Eliteseason4 pic.twitter.com/SCaBRKKEp5

– (@ MayllaAndrad4) June 18, 2021

mds this elite season is almost an xvideos pic.twitter.com/yBj1q1Ndcj

– ke_vin (@Kevin__soousa) June 18, 2021

What is Xvideos close to Elite? pic.twitter.com/nUViEfxCGm

– I just wanted a honey (@ batatafrita_321) June 19, 2021

I went to open Elite on netflix and accidentally joined xvideos… pic.twitter.com/21dHV7KP5c

– allsby_ dahslivyi (@Altbaddslifee) June 19, 2021

Enjoy watching:

Every 5 minutes while watching Elite, Xvideos is missing # Elite4 pic.twitter.com/QRtKeMGIDC

– pedrenrique (@benntinhott) June 18, 2021

About this Elite season:

Xvideos ugly lack! pic.twitter.com/ukFw5kyLVZ

– celo (@eita_cecelo) June 19, 2021

elite is like xvideos

– caio xx (@oibrisado) June 18, 2021

xvideos seeing the elite published do so: pic.twitter.com/f7fog5tXnp

– odraude euqirneh (@duduusantanaa) June 19, 2021

elite never disappointed, sabotaging xvideos as usual # Elite4 pic.twitter.com/IKdhvYI3rp

– cezar (@cezarmunizs) June 18, 2021

xvideos for what ??? I watch the elite pic.twitter.com/hiAhI77o8f

– Marcelinha♈ (@ Marcellinhaa07) June 19, 2021

Aron piper manu riors rebeka mencia therefore in elite 4 a pure xvideos pic.twitter.com/ki5qGvwauN

– Guilherme (@lherme_rf) June 19, 2021

“ah but is this elite season 4 or xvideos?”

– pic.twitter.com/0gh1GhD0QW

– s. (@sxrahaguiar) June 19, 2021

“I watch Elite because I love the series and the story”
The real reason:

piper aron | xvideos | valerian | # Elite4 | # Elite | Lucretia | Ander pic.twitter.com/poer6R6amz

– ᶜˡᵃʳᵃ (@ohyo_clara) June 19, 2021

Recall that Danna Paola, Jorge López and Álvaro Rico do not return as Lu, Valerio and Polo for the 4th season.

Paola did not like the direction of her character in the third cycle and asked to leave the series, signing a contract to return to another series in which she was a part, ‘La Doña’.

Watch the season trailer:

Manu Rios, Carla Díaz, Martina Cariddi and Granch are the new additions to the cast.

Check out our review from the previous season:

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