‘Seance’: The shoot goes terribly wrong in ‘Blair Witch’ writer’s horror trailer



The supernatural terror “Seance” has gained new official images.

Simon Barrett, who wrote “You’re Next”, “Blair Witch” and “The Guest”, is responsible for directing, this is the first feature film under his orders.

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The plot follows the arrival of a young girl in a school for girls only, the prestigious Edelvine Academy. Shortly after his arrival, six girls invite him to join them in an evening ritual, evoking the spirit of a dead ex-pupil believed to haunt his runners. But before dawn, one of the girls eventually dies, leaving the others wondering what they woke up to.

The cast includes Suki Waterhouse, Stephanie Sy, Inanna Sarkis, Madisen Beaty, Djouliet Amara and Ella-Rae Smith.

The Terror will be broadcast by RLJE Films on VOD on May 21.

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