Scooby-Doo voice actor Orlando Drummond dies at 101



The legendary actor and voice actor Orlando Drummond passed away this Tuesday afternoon (27) at the age of 101. Originally from Rio de Janeiro and a resident of Vila Isabel, Orlando rose to fame for two roles in particular: the dreaded Scooby-Doo and Seu Peru, from the Escolinha do Professor Raimundo. The information on the death was given by columnist Ancelmo Gois, from the newspaper O Globo.

Orlando would be 102 in October of this year.

In May of this year, Orlando was admitted to Quinta D’Or with a urinary tract infection. The family did not want to hire him due to the timing of the Covid-19 pandemic. However, since the actor had already received the two doses of the vaccine and the infection returned in a serious way, they chose to leave him in the care of doctors. He was released on June 12.

Gloria and Orlando Drummond. Photo: Reproduction / Who.

Married since 1951 to Glória Drummond (85), Orlando began his artistic career in 1942, as a stage manager for Rádio Tupi. However, when he saw the potential of the young man’s performance, actor and radio host Paulo Gracindo introduced young Orlando Drummond to the world of dubbing, where he immortalized such characters as Scooby-Doo, Alf the Eteimoso, Sailor Popeye and Avenger, from Dragon Cave. Due to Scooby, who has been voiced by Drummond for over 35 years, the legendary actor made it into the Guinness Book as the voice actor who spent the most time giving a character a voice.

Orlando and some of the characters who will be forever marked by his unique voice.

In 2019, the actor’s centenary year, Orlando received a series of accolades. One of them was the Fun Brasileira carnival block, celebrated in Praça dos Cavalinhos, in Tijuca. The theme for this year was Dublando Drummond 100 Anos, and had the most special participation of Orlando himself, who at 99 years old received a lot of affection and love from fans of different ages and took photos with several admirers, who have honored the legend. .

Two generations of Scooby-Doo. Guilherme Briggs (left) continues the legacy of Orlando Drummond (right). Photo: Reproduction / Twitter.

The same year, he was invited by Rede Globo to take over the role that immortalized him on television, Seu Peru. One of the eccentric students of Professor Raimundo’s Escoliha. In the new version of Escoliha, he sat next to Seu Peru’s new performer, Marcos Caruso, with whom he played and was celebrated by the new comedians who continued the legacy of Chico Anysio and many other historical comedians of Brazilian television, including himself Drummond. During his glorious career, Orlando has appeared in 15 television productions and seven feature films.

Orlando and Caruso disguised as “Seu Peru” at Professor Raimundo’s short story Escolinha. Reproduction / Globe.

He leaves behind two children, five grandchildren, three great-grandchildren and a legion of millions of fans across Brazil who have had their lives directly impacted by his work. Asked by Revista Quem, in a 2019 interview, about the secret of longevity, he replied: “People have to go their way, be happy, seek others. No one is happier than me, thank God. I was born on All Saints’ Day [Zona Norte do Rio], in a family of 9 brothers and sisters. I had a good voice, I sang several times. I love music and have passed on my tastes to my children. If you are 100 years old, the memory will go away quickly. I’m so sorry that my memory is small, but the little that I remember, I remember with my heart, with joy, ”Drummond commented at the time.

Go in peace, Orlando Drummond.

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