“Scenes From a Marriage”: the miniseries starring Jessica Chastain and Oscar Isaac gets a new official trailer; Check!



HBO’s new original miniseries, titled “Scenes From a Marriage,” has received a new official trailer.

The production stars Jessica Chastain and Oscar Isaac and is slated for release in September 2021.


The series is a remake of the eponymous Swedish classic directed by Ingmar Bergman and released in 1973.

The mini-series is being directed and written by Hagai Levi, the same person responsible for “The Affair” and “Our Boys” series, and its premiere is scheduled for 2021.

The production will reexamine Bergman’s iconic portrayal of love, hate, desire, monogamy, marriage and divorce, this time through the eyes of a contemporary American couple, played by Chastain and Isaac.

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In addition to playing the lead role, Chastian and Isaac will also be executive producers on the project, along with Michael Ellenberg, Lars Blomgren, Bergman’s son Daniel, and Blair Breard.

The original version of “Scenes from a Wedding” starred Liv Ullmann and Erland Josephson, and Bergman’s screenplay follows the disintegration of a marriage from her own life experience, including her love affair with Ullman.

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