Scary discounts and promotions! Where to buy tech products at bargain prices



A week of interesting offers and promotions for those who want to buy or change their electronic and computer devices

Electronic devices are now within everyone’s reach. Mobile phones, computers, tablets and more. But with an important flaw: these are products that are updated and modified every month with new attractive versions.

Discount Notebooks (Pixabay)

Anyone who wants to buy or change a device or technological device must take advantage of the golden week organized by eBay. The e-commerce and auction site is launching a major initiative.

Namely the Tech Weeks, an event from October 10 to 23 that will allow all consumers to visit the aforementioned site and buy electronic devices at discounted prices. Let’s check out the best deals from this eBay promotion.

Smartphones and Notebooks at reduced prices: Tech Weeks offers on eBay

eBay will be offering deep discounts for the next two weeks starting today, up to 60% off the original value. The products in question relate to technological devices for current and daily use.

Here are some examples of eBay Tech Weeks: Discounted iPhone 13 (Apple photo)

Apple iPhone 13 5G 128 GB Blue Italy – On the occasion of Tech Weeks, eBay offers the iPhone 13 with 128 GB and 4 GB of Ram at the reduced price of 50.00 euros, which makes it possible to buy it at 769, 90 euros instead of 819.90 €.

Hisense TV 70A7100F – On eBay you can buy the new TV from the aforementioned brand, an ultra-thin TV with a good 70 inches. In addition to the dimensions, certainly not negligible, this television is sold on eBay at 549.00 euros, a very advantageous price compared to the initial 799.00 euros. Hisense TV on sale (web source)

Apple MacBook Air laptop – During Tech Weeks, the MacBook Air can be purchased at a favorable price: 1,159.90 euros instead of 1,239.90. This version of the Mac has 256 GB of storage and 8 GB of RAM. Released this year, purchasing this MacBook Air is a guarantee of a durable purchase, one that is meant to last and deliver top-level performance.

Until October 23, it will therefore be possible to visit the eBay page dedicated to Tech Weeks and find what suits you, electronic devices at very affordable prices.

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