Scarface: Brian De Palma’s classic with Al Pacino returns to Netflix’s lineup



The classic ‘Scarface’ remake, directed by Brian De Palma and starring Al Pacino, is now back on the Netflix lineup. Production returned on Tuesday (16).

In the plot, after obtaining permanent residence in the United States in exchange for the murder of a Cuban government official, Tony Montana becomes the head of Miami drug trafficking. By killing anyone who gets in his way, Tony ultimately becomes Florida’s biggest drug dealer, controlling nearly all of the cocaine that comes into town. However, police pressure, wars with the Colombian cartels and his own paranoia will fuel the flames of his eventual downfall.

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De Palma used the original feature film Scarface – The Shame of a Nation, ”directed by Hawkes and Richard Rosson in 1932, as the inspiration for his version.

Written by Oliver Stone, the 1983 remake is better known than the original and notorious for its violence. In this version, the Italian Tony Camonte became Tony Montana, a Cuban refugee.

Don’t forget that acclaimed director Luca Guadagnino will be responsible for the new version of “Scarface”.

Guadagnino is considered one of the best filmmakers today, having been responsible for such works as “A Dive into the Past” and “A Dream of Love”. He also directed the controversial remake of “Suspiria” and the series “We Are Who We Are”, which will soon debut on HBO. His next project is the remake of “Lord of the Flies” and the Oscar-winning sequel “Call Me By Your Name”.

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For those who don’t know, Universal Pictures has been trying to get the reboot going for several years, but several writers and directors have dropped production.

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