Scandal on YouTube: a well-known creator loved by boys denounced



A Well-Known YouTube Creator Has Been Indicted After A Thorough Investigation: What Happened Is Unbelievable

He is very popular among boys, has 3.5 million subscribers on YouTube and nearly 400,000 subscribers on Twitch. Iconic, often meme and viral base on TikTok, the well-known creator has not settled his accounts and is now paying dearly.


A complaint directly from the Guardia di Finanza for failure to declare income and VAT in the last 5 years: CiccioGamer89 is in trouble. The omission of the famous Roman youtuber would amount to more than one million euros in costs, as reported by TgCom24. The Guardia di Finanza would have carried out an investigation on his person and a company which would be attributable to him which would have led to the discovery of this enormous escape. Undoubtedly an event that could indelibly tarnish the reputation of the beloved youtuber among teenagers.

The investigation of the financiers of the Provincial Command of Rome would have revealed a series of transfers received by the youtuber with charges deriving both from the views made on the platform itself with the advertising tape (the so-called “impression of banner”), and from the opening of the advertised page (the “click banner”).

Is CiccioGamer89 in trouble? He doesn’t know


Just as happened a few years ago to Stefano Lepri, another well-known youtuber, CiccioGamer89 also tries to defend himself from the heavy accusations by admitting that he knows nothing. Just the aforementioned creator who already had to endure a wave of media scorn in the past showed his support: “Mirko, I’m sorry you have to go through what I went through unfairly. Maybe people will open their eyes and understand that someone is not telling quite the right version of the facts but spoilers are not the YouTubers the problem, WAKE UP”.

On Instagram, CiccioGamer89 admitted, “Surely you’ve read the news. I try not to use the wrong words and be wrong, but I always paid what I owed. There is a tax audit on my person, but I think like thousands of people there is no tax file, there is still a discussion on my position and what is the position of the Revenue Agency , but I swear I’m not a scammer. I don’t want to hide and talk, but I have a crush on the pear tree. I have spoken to my accountant and there is no fault, now I am trying to figure out how I can get around by contacting a criminal lawyer”.

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