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‘Save T’Challa’: Fans call for ‘Black Panther’ to be postponed amid Letitia Wright controversy



Since Chadwick Boseman’s tragic death from colon cancer last year, Marvel has kept the fate of T’Challa the Black Panther a secret. Either way, Kevin Feige and the other studio representatives assured that the character would not be recast out of respect for Chadwick’s memory.

Now, after “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever” suffered several delays due to actress Letitia Wright’s alleged resistance to vaccination, fans have launched a campaign calling for the character to be played by another actor.

On the social network, netizens appealed to Marvel Studios, requesting the reprogramming of hero T’Challa, saying the decision would make the sequence easier to run.

It should be remembered that the Wright related rumors have never been confirmed and may be mere hoaxes.

Discover some reactions from internet users:

“Chadwick Boseman is not Tchalla. Tchalla is not Chadwick Boseman. Tchalla is the Black Panther. Chadwick knew that. Tchalla’s story has only just begun. I can’t kill him after a movie.

Enjoy watching:

Chadwick Boseman is not Tchalla. Challa is not Chadwick Boseman. Challa is Black Panther. Chadwick knew that. Tchalla’s story has only just begun. I can’t kill him after a movie. #RecastTchalla

– KooL BreZz (@Kool_brezZ) December 21, 2021

“I see the hashtag #recastTchalla floating around and in my opinion I think they should resize T’Challa. I believe Chadwick would like the character to live. So I think it would be best to reprogram it in a way that respects Chadwick’s legacy.

I see the hashtag #RecastTchalla circulating and to give my opinion on that I think they should recast T’Challa, I think Chadwick would like the character to live. So I think it would be best to recast the character in a way that respects Chadwick’s legacy.

– Henry – (He / Him) (@ HenryLouis21) December 13, 2021

“I think Chadwick is forever, but I think they should #recastTchalla. I think Shuri still needs T’Challa by his side if she is to be the main focus in the future and of course he deserves a proper farewell.

I love Chadwick all the way, but I guess I’ll have to go with #RecastTchalla.

I think Shuri still needs Tchalla by his side if she is to be the main focus in the future and of course he deserves a good start.

– 1st (@LuninRMA) December 13, 2021

“I know it’s a harsher perception, but a lot of those dramatic rumors in Black Panther 2 would have been avoidable had they reprogrammed T’Challa. I know people liked Chadwick Boseman and me too, but the character has more stories to tell. ”

I know it’s a little hot, but a lot of the rumors about the Black Panther 2 drama could have been avoided if they just recast T’Challa. I know people loved Chadwick Boseman, too, but this character had more stories to tell.

– David Gabel (@ codenamedave404) December 12, 2021

“Resize her and T’Challa and move on.” ”

Relaunch it and t’challa and keep moving.

– WE LOSE RECIPES! (@__colinasante) November 11, 2021

“At this point, temporarily pause the film. Use the multiverse to introduce a ‘new’ Shuri and maybe a new T’Chall or something like that.

At this point, temporarily peel the film. Use the multiverse to introduce a “new” Shuri and * possibly * a new T’Challa or a sum

– Funny Valentine’s Day (@happysisyphus__) November 10, 2021

“Chadwick’s brother literally gave people his blessing to postpone T’Challa. Marvel does all this nonsense for fear of losing money. They will already lose money anyway! Black Panther does not always have a future for Black Panther “.

Chadwick’s brother literally gave people his blessing to recast T’Challa. Marvel is doing all this nonsense because they are afraid of losing money. They’re going to lose money anyway! Black Panther has no way to move forward without Black Panther.

– Consigliere de Theranos (@SosoTheWanderer) November 6, 2021

“Yeah. I know that wasn’t popular opinion back then and it’s still a very sensitive, emotionally-sensitive topic for everyone – the family, the fans, the cast and the crew. But I think so. always that at some point we will see another actor playing the role of T’Challa.

Yeah. I knew that was not popular opinion at the time and it is still an emotionally sensitive issue for everyone; family, fans, and cast / crew, but at some point I think we’ll see another actor step in as T’Challa.

– Jonathan Brady (@awriterjbrady) November 11, 2021

The film’s release has been postponed from July 8, 2022 until November 11, 2022.

Recalling that Production Weekly leaked the synopsis of the film, which puts Atlantis and Namor in the sequence.

“Wakanda and Atlantis are both hidden civilizations with advanced technology and superior military capabilities that have decided to separate themselves from the rest of the world for their own safety and, in a way, out of fear. Wakanda feared that its technology was being abused. Alantis feared that surface dwellers would desecrate the mythical city like they did so many years ago

However, their fears are further heightened when these two nations, once hidden, collide. Wakanda and Atlantis have a surprisingly linked history. Wakanda is the only country in the world to have access to vibranium. However, rumors of his power are spreading around the world, and Namor’s human father has been sent to search for this rare material in Antarctica. The war is about to begin.

Tenoch Huerta will be Namor.

Ryan Coogler returns as director and screenwriter.

“Black Panther” was released in 2018 and was a huge box office success, grossing over $ 1.3 billion worldwide. Plus, it becomes the first superhero film to be nominated for Best Picture at the Oscars.

Make sure you watch:

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