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If you’ve been waiting for season three of ‘Save Me,’ we’ve got some new details for you. Because we have few updates on the development, we expect the series to return with a new season soon.

The plot of Save Me revolves around the sudden departure of Nelson ‘Nelly’ Rowe’s estranged daughter Jody. Nelly embarks on a perilous journey that leads to redemption, but the journey is not as simple as he had anticipated. He becomes an unlikely hero, but this is not enough to accomplish his purpose.

The protagonists and, of course, the storyline have received positive feedback from audiences. The character development is also impressive, and it kept the audience engaged. We can’t wait to see more journeys and what will happen next. In that case, let’s jump right into the updates of Save Me season 3.

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‘Save Me’ Season 3 Is In The Works

The new season, according to recent reports, is already in the works. The upcoming season of Save Me is in the scripting stage, and Zai Bennett, the director of content, stated that it will move forward depending on the availability of the lead character Nelly.

“Your most expensive show isn’t always your most successful,” Bennett added. It’s reassuring to know that the season is, at the very least, in the works. And we will hopefully have more updates soon. 

‘Save Me’ Season 3 Is The Finale

Along with the exciting news, there is also some disappointing news. The third season of Save Me will serve as the series finale. In the new season, the entire story will be wrapped up. We will see the last of James as Nelly.

James hinted, “I am working on the third season. It’s slow going, but it is going. At the end of season two, it could have been the end [of the entire series] or it could carry on. That wasn’t the case after season one – after season one, I always knew that I wanted there to be a season two and that was never going to be the end of the story.

I think – if the folks that make the decision like what I’m writing, and we make it – [the third season] will be the end.”

What To Expect From ‘Save Me’ Season 3?

The third season will undoubtedly be crazier than the previous two. However, James stated a few months earlier that we might get the Save Me finale by the end of 2022. And now it’s 2023, which means there have been delays due to the hectic scheduling of the actor.

He said, “One of the hardest things to navigate is the gap, even more than between one and two because I knew what was going to happen between one and two, and the only thing that slightly delayed it was my commitment to Fear the Walking Dead.

This time around, with the pandemic and my commitment to Fear the Walking Dead, we’re going to be in possibly the end of 2022 before it hits the screen, and I’ve got to deal with that gap. And so that’s been kind of problematic, trying to find the best way to deal with that gap, not least because I have young characters in the show, who are going to grow.

I can’t avoid that. The older characters we can ‘Benjamin Button’ a little bit and keep them in one time and place. But with the likes of Indy [Donaldson-Holness] and some of the other characters, it’s going to be difficult to hide the fact that they’re two-and-a-bit years older.”

James also said in 2021 that they are working on the season but because of busy scheduling it’s taking time. “It’s got a boost today, that’s for sure. I’m working on it. I just want it to be a faithful third series so I’m getting it done – but the good thing is, with this happening, there won’t be any pressure on it. I’m a bit busy at the moment, but part of that being busy is working on the third one.”

What are your speculations on the upcoming season? You’re welcome to drop your opinions in the comments section below. And stay tuned with us for more updates in the future.

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