‘Sandkings’: ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ director to be tasked with adapting George RR Martin’s short story



According to Collider, Gore Verbinski will be tasked with bringing George RR Martin’s famous “Sandkings” tale to life in the coming months.

Verbinski will be in charge of production, which will be launched by Netflix. Dennis Kelly (‘Utopia‘) enters as screenwriter.

Originally published in 1979, “Sandkings” tells the story of a socialite in an alien world who is interested in exotic animals. This takes you to learn more about the deals made with the Sandkings (sand kings), insect-like creatures that have their own queens and different colors for each colony. Colonies wage war on each other for fun – but a disturbing secret about their growth leads to a shocking conclusion.

The story won the Hugo Prize and the Nebula Prize and already won an adaptation in 1990 for the series “The Outer Limits”.

No other information was disclosed

Verbinski is a well-known filmmaker who rose to prominence for his work on the first three films of the “Pirates of the Caribbean” franchise, which received no less than 11 Oscar nominations. His other credits include “The Lone Knight”, “Rango”, “The Call” and “The Cure”.

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