Sam Rechner to be Steven Spielberg’s classmate in new biopic



According to Collider, young Australian actor Sam Rechner (“Ruby’s Choice”) has joined the cast of “The Fabelmans,” the semi-autobiographical film by legendary filmmaker Steven Spielberg.

Rechner will give life to a Spielberg classmate when he was younger. He joins Julia Butters, previously announced, who will be one of the director’s sisters; Seth Rogen as the director’s favorite uncle; and Michelle Williams, who will be a figurative version of her mother.

The Amblin Entertainment production marks the first time Spielberg has been a screenwriter since ‘AI – Artificial Intelligence’ (2001).

The filmmaker assumes the role in partnership with Tony Kushner, who collaborated with him on the script for the biopic ‘Lincoln’ (2012).

Both will also be producers alongside Kristie Macosko Krieger.

As with everything Spielberg, the casting choice remains a secret, leaving fans wondering who will be up for the challenge of playing the filmmaker’s family and friends as he grew up in Arizona.

In addition to the roles of Butters, Rogen and Williams, the remaining roles include other adults, children and adolescents, such as the future interpreter of Spielberg.

As the project is still in its early stages, there are not many details yet and no launch plans.

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