Sam Raimi Wanted Angelina Jolie As ‘Spider-Man 4’ VILLAIN; Know which character!



Jeffrey Henderson, the concept artist who worked on Tobey Maguire and Sam Raimi’s “Spider-Man 4,” has shared some details about the film.

While promoting his behind-the-scenes book, “Great Power: How Spider-Man Conquered Hollywood during The Golden Age of Blockbusters,” Henderson said:

“Sam Raimi planned to cast Angelina Jolie to play an original villain never seen in the comics. She would be the daughter of Vulture, played by Adrian Toomes (John Malkovich). The character would die in the third act and her daughter would seek revenge.

The character is said to be a successful executive whose company was trying to buy the Daily Bugle.

“The film would have Spider-Man facing Vulture, played by John Malkovich. This version of the character would have been some sort of government contractor doing dirty jobs. His super-villain name comes from the fact that he “leaves only bones behind”.

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Apparently, the plot would be very violent, and one of the scenes would show Spidey on the verge of death, but with a much more brutal and heavy tone than in the previous films.

Henderson also confirmed that the film would have a fun opening montage that would see Spidey bring together villains that Raimi never intended to use, including Mysterio.

“We were going to open the movie with a montage of all the bad guys Sam could ever use in the ‘Spider-Man’ movies. In the plot, Peter and MJ would no longer be together, and he would be happy to spend more time to heroism, so we were going to try to do Shocker, Mysterio and even The Stilt Man.

It’s sad that we will never see this film because it feels like an intense, brutal and emotional narrative.

Anyway, Raimi has already said that he would be open to making another movie with the return of Tobey Maguire, but with a different story…

So, would you like to see Raimi and Maguire work together again?

Recalling that Maguire reprized the role in “Spider-Man: No Return Home”.

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