Sabrina Ferilli, the truth about Maria De Filippi: “With her I can do things that…”



Sabrina Ferilli indulged in a confession about Maria De Filippi, true queen of the Mediaset networks, and about her experience at Amici, who can rightly be defined as the father of all talents. The confessions of the splendid Roman actress, once again a judge in Tu Sì Que Vales.

Although not present as a regular guest this year, Sabrina Ferilli gladly follows the boys of Italy’s most famous school, and reveals an unexpected anecdote about the presenter and dear life friend that Italians of all ages love so much.

Sabrina Ferilli and Maria De Filippi Solocine.it

They have been friends for almost a lifetime Queen Mary and Sabrina Ferilli. They are very different and yet they mean a lot of good. It is not for nothing that they often see each other and often chat on the phone. Also, when De Filippi is working on a show, she always calls on the Roman artist to collaborate with her or appear in an episode as a very welcome guest. Now the two both play the role of jurors in the new and very popular edition of Tu Si Que Vales which keeps us company every Saturday evening in prime time on Canale 5. But Sabry in the past has also played the same role in Amici. .

Ferilli and this anecdote

Even though at times Sabrina Ferilli isn’t a regular guest at the all-talented father’s party, that doesn’t mean the actress doesn’t happily follow one of Maria’s cult programs, which is also very popular. by very young people who dream of participating one day. Interviewed by Tv Sorrisi e Canzoni, the artist told an anecdote about the ironic curtains to which Maurizio Costanzo’s wife often and willingly subjected her, even in spite of herself.

Maria likes to put her in trouble

“Maria likes to get me in trouble, but it’s a sign of trust and affection. I wouldn’t allow it to everyone, huh! We play, with her I can do things that I don’t do with anyone else.” Sabrina also returned to talk about her participation in the last Sanremo Festival which this year will be directed for the fourth consecutive time by the legendary Amadeus.

Sabrina Ferilli with Amadeus Solocine.it

On the stage of the Ariston Theater, the actress indulged in a splendid monologue that enchanted many spectators with its simplicity, which went viral in a few minutes on Social. Here is his statement regarding his holdings, not just the latest, at the well-known, appreciated and world-famous event: “I let myself go, I enjoyed! The more I compared my first experience at the Festival, the happier I was. From 1996, I remember so much tension and effort, I felt the weight of responsibility”.

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