Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively in which movie they met



There aren’t more Hollywood couples than before, are there? In the sentimental chaos that has been unleashed in recent years, a couple persists and gives satisfaction: Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively are delighted and have even revealed the key to such a peaceful marriage.

Ryan Reynolds and his wife Blake Lively have a special birthday ritual. Every year they exchange greetings in public that perhaps defining funny is too simplistic. They form a crackling couple, perhaps one of the tightest of recent years. They delight on the red carpet by showing off high fashion costumes, but also in a blurry, almost stolen shot, promptly announced on social networks.

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Generally, the birthday wishes he reserves for his wife are irreverent but full of love. Ryan Reynolds, extremely comedian by nature, loves to immortalize it in the worst conditions and combat the suffocating patina of social networks with a kind of Instagram Truth. And this is how they both show themselves as they really are, behind and in front of the camera: a couple who, although in Hollywood, have not forgotten what it means to truly love each other, without filters.

Ryan Reynolds Would Have Done With Green Lantern If It Hadn’t Been For His Wife

Their romance doesn’t exactly have a Hollywood twist. A while ago, Ryan Reynolds said he absolutely regrets playing Green Lantern, but would do it again just to get to know her, the mother of his children. Blake Lively joined him on set at the time and together they created their first superhero movie. Today Ryan Reynolds identifies first and foremost with Deadpool, but there was a time when he wore a total green suit and thus found love again.

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She would gladly have done without this cinematographic interlude if it weren’t for her. And, as the actor recounted, Blake Lively was a badass. They often saw each other, but as friends. “I think that’s the best way to start a story: in friendship,” Reynolds said. And when he asked her to go out together and make it official, she accepted the refusal. The Gossip Girl actress wasn’t exactly sure about his courtship, but when she realized he was serious, she relented. And today, after ten years and with their fourth child on the way, their love is rock solid.

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The key to such a happy marriage? Friendship above all. Blake Lively is convinced that her husband is also her accomplice: together, they would do anything. And, as he told Entertainment Tonight, another fundamental detail is growth: individual, professional and as a couple. And as they demonstrate via social networks: “We never take ourselves too seriously”. On the occasion of his sweetheart’s last birthday, Ryan Reynolds dedicated a very sweet dedication to her: “I don’t know if you’re real or if someone invented you”. Who knows, maybe she magically appeared on the set of Green Lantern?

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