Rosanna Banfi, disturbing background on Milly Carlucci: incredible



In these hours, Rosanna Banfi wanted to launch a burning revelation about Milly Carlucci. The contestant’s lyrics are amazing.

Among the competitors of this new edition of Dancing with the stars we also find Rosanna Banfi. Indeed, the protagonist of the dance show wanted to make a burning revelation about the presenter: her words.

Ballando’s competitor’s words (via WebSource)

Yesterday the new edition of Dancing with the Stars started and among the contestants we also found Rosanna Banfi, daughter of an icon of Italian comedy like Lino. The actress gave a long interview to People magazine in which she unveiled a surprising journey. In fact, the contestant would have auditioned to dance on Rai 1 ten years ago but would have been rejected.

In the pages of the weekly, the actress then declared: “I wanted, I wanted to measure myself against an experience capable of restoring the energy and the consciousness of a woman that I had lost a little with the disease. This time it didn’t go well but I didn’t give up.” For Banfi, in a way, it was better this way, given that she recently beat breast cancer and therefore could not physically endure the workouts.

Rosanna Banfi and the Dancing with the Stars experience: “I want to be an example”

The protagonists of Dancing with the Stars (Screen Rai 1)

The actress from the pages of Gente wanted to tell without filters, revealing her feelings and emotions and also confessing one of her main goals. Speaking about this experience, Marina revealed, “I hope my presence can be a boost for all the women who have found themselves battling a tumor and at times have not felt themselves.”

But the actress didn’t stop there and continued, “Maybe they didn’t think they could handle life’s little big challenges. Here I want to tell them that we women can do anything at any age”. Moreover, during the interview, Father Lino also intervened and assured him that he would not go down to the dance floor of Dancing with the stars to prevent him from being able to do tenderness because he does not know not dance and does not have much agility. . So faced with the whirlwind of emotions, Marina made her Dancing with the Stars debut yesterday, ready to leave her mark in this new experience.

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