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Licia Ronzulli, 47, was elected president of the senators of Forza Italia, by acclamation. Tuesday, October 18, the choices of all the parliamentary groups, both in the Senate and in the hemicycle, materialized.

“I have known the senator for thirty years. She is good at everything she has done and she will be good in this role as well,” said Silvio Berlusconi at the Forza Italia meeting. Long applause accompanied the election of Licia Ronzulli. A partly liberating applause after the tensions of last week where Ronzulli became a real political case, despite his denials, because of Berlusconi’s desire to impose him on Giorgia Meloni. But the first in pectore did not hear any reasons: the former nurse who climbed Forza Italia will have no place in his government.

Senator Licia Ronzulli. Photo Ansa / Jessica Pasqualon

Ronzulli mastiff anti melons?

So the Knight had to fall back on a parliamentary role for the senator, who became the leader of Forza Italia in the Senate. An important role, which could make Ronzulli a “watchdog” of the interests of Forza Italia against the measures that the Meloni government will want to pass quickly, perhaps by imposing a vote of confidence. “I thank President Berlusconi for designating me as President of the Forza Italia group at the Palazzo Madama and all the senators who unanimously accepted this proposal”, Ronzulli’s first words. “We expect hard and demanding, but certainly also exciting work, which we will all continue together, as we are used to. For my part, I will occupy this post with the greatest responsibility and enormous dedication, certain of being able to count on the support of all my colleagues”.

Luca Ciriani, leader of the FdI group in the Senate. Photo Ansa / Riccardo Antimiani

The other group leaders in the Senate

Apart from Ronzulli, with regard to the other group leaders in the Senate, Simona Malpezzi confirmed for the PD, as requested by the secretary Enrico Letta. Senator Luca Ciriani was also re-elected leader of the Brothers of Italy group. Voting for Ciriani was by acclamation. Massimiliano Romeo remains president of the Lega group. The assembly of senators of the mixed group of Palazzo Madama unanimously elected senator Peppe De Cristofaro of the Alliance of Greens and Left as president. For the Five Star Movement, the group leader is Barbara Floridia.

Simona Malpezzi, president of the PD senators. Photo Ansa / Angelo Carconi

A new parliamentary group is also emerging in the Senate: Civici d’Italia-Noi Moderati-Maie, which will be part of the centre-right majority and will collaborate with Ronzulli and the others. It includes Antonio De Poli, Giorgio Salvitti, Michaela Biancofiore, Giovanna Petrenga, Antonio Guidi and Mario Alejandro Borghese. The president is De Poli. Finally, there are 7 senators from the group “for Autonomies (SVP-PATT, Campobase, Sud calls Nord).” Julia Unterberger was re-elected president. Luigi Spagnolli (vicar) and Dafne Musolino were elected vice-presidents. The Treasurer will be Pietro Patton. The other members are Meinhard Durnwalder and the life senators Giorgio Napolitano (former President of the Republic) and Elena Cattaneo.

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