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Romulus II – The War for Rome continues with the second episode, airing on Sky Atlantic on Friday 28th October. The second season of the acclaimed Matteo Rovere series premiered at the Rome Film Festival and on Sky last Friday, October 21: here’s what’s to come.

Freely reinterpreted by Matteo Rovere, the Abduction of the Sabines is completed and war is declared between the two kings of Rome and the ruthless Tito Tazio, the king of the Sabines who, in search of revenge, will set up an almost fatal ambush against the protagonists of Romulus. The series produced by Sky Studios, Cattleya and Groenlandia returns with two new episodes, the third and fourth, airing on Friday October 28 on Sky Atlantic and streaming on NOW (the episodes will obviously also be available on demand).

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Romulus II – War for Rome, the cast of the second season

New appointment with Romulus, the modern epic of the series created by Matteo Rovere on the birth of Rome, before the myth, beyond the legend. Eight new episodes – shot like the previous ones entirely in protolatin – which will touch the heart of the founding myth of Rome, with the protagonists of the first season, Andrea Arcangeli (Yemos), Marianna Fontana (Ilia) and Francesco Di Napoli (Wiros), to which are added in the new episodes Valentina Bellè (I wanted to be a rock star, Man of the labyrinth, Catch-22) in the role of Ersilia, leader of the Sabine priestesses; Emanuele Maria Di Stefano (The Catholic School, Drought) who embodies the king of the Sabines Tito Tazio, son of the god Sancos, Rome’s most powerful enemy.

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Romulus will also see Max Malatesta intervene (Favolacce, The first King) is Sabos, adviser and right arm of the king of the Sabines; Ludovica Nasti (The Shining Friend) stars as Vibia, the youngest of the Sabine priestesses; while Giancarlo Commare (Skam Italia, masculine singular, La Belva) is Atys, the young king of Satricum. Vanessa Scalera (Silvia), Sergio Romano (Amulius) and Demetra Avincola (Deftri) are also back.

What will happen in the new episodes: previews of the second episode

In the third and fourth episodes of Romulus, both directed by Enrico Maria Artale, Tito’s army continues to advance. Ilia, Yemos and the Ruminales retaliate by attacking a Sabine garrison hoping to catch it by surprise, but they end up in a trap. Just when all seems lost, a new contingent of Roman soldiers, led by Wiros, charges. Yemos will come out injured by the confrontation and Wiros, in order to save him, turns to the priestess Ersilia who offers to take him to the country of the Tusci where they can heal him. During the trip, however, a Sabine ambush ruins their plan. Wiros escapes with the body of Ersilia and Yemos with the intention of reaching their destination and rescuing his brother. Meanwhile, Tito discovers the truth about the identity of Servios, his best warrior.

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